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      I’m currently working to optimize my current gear to best suit leveling once Legion launches.

      I leveled resto in the BETA (ALL THE WAY) mostly via questing but weaved some dungeons in here and there as well. I’m thinking gear with haste, crit and versatility would be the best in regards to damage throughput, since stacking mastery really won’t be terribly desired when just self healing and healing some normal dungeons.

      Does this sound about right? I would use ele/enh to quest, but when I attempted to do this on the BETA, I found I had much more downtime due to having to really heal myself up and then sit and eat/drink after fighting a few mobs. And the rate at which I killed stuff wasn’t much faster than it was in resto spec AND I was able to solo just about ANYTHING as resto, due to my ability to heal myself at will pretty much forever and not even go through too much of my mana pool.

      But, more or less just looking at what you guys think as far as stat priority goes. I’m thinking haste > crit >versa > mastery. Would higher ilvl intellect pieces be better than a 5-10 ilvl lower piece with better secondaries? How about pieces with avoidance/leech/speed, etc?

      Your thoughts..?

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