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      I posted here several weeks ago and was asked to provide more log input.  I have my logs below, specifically looking at Heroic EN encounters as they are the most recent.  I believe I have seen minor 7-8% improvement, however I would like to be in the upper 90th percentile for healing.   Any suggestions are welcome.

      I am going with a crit/mastery chain heal build and have also made changes based on recommendations on your cloudburst article.  However I am still finding my overall standings at the bottom 30 – 40% for Resto Shaman.

      My talents are:  1)Torrent 2) Graceful Spirit 3) LST 4) Ancestral Guidance 5) Ancest Vigor 6) CBT 7)  High Tide
      Specs:  Crit: 27%  Haste 6%  Mastery 95%  Versatility 4%

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      I had quick skim through your logs and am going to be give some inital basic advice. I pulled a heroic Cenarius log from you and then looked at my own my fight that lasted 10 seconds longer yet I managed roughly 40 casts more. I looked through some other logs of yours and I feel like you’re not casting enough spells. Remember to always be casting (ABC). Sometimes I personally find that one can overthink things and thus having to think on the spot and make desicions which will cause you to react slower. This will as well come with practice as you get more comfortable.

      I personally don’t use Torrent at all anymore. I run with either Undulation or Unleash Life depending on how chain heal heavy the fight is. For example Dragons of Nightmare is more spothealing and Ursoc is more chainheal spam (with modification of course) so for Dragons Undulation would generally be more useful and Unleash Life more useful on Ursoc. I suggest trying it out and see if those work better for you.

      Learn to use and love your Spirit Link! I looked through two sets of logs and didn’t see a single Spirit Link usage. It’s a very powerful cooldown to use and learning to use it well (unless dictated when to do so by a raid leader) is very helpful. Some suggestions on when to use it: Dessicating Stomp by Tree Add on Cenarius and Gathering Storms on Spiderbird are just two places where having a spirit link can really help out your raid.

      Vigor is a great talent if you have no use for the other two. EST is great for Cenarius for example since it helps with the stacking dot. APT can be useful, especially on mythic progress if you need the extra CD or in mythic+ dungeons.

      I have personally moved away quite a bit from CBT, there are still a few fights I use it for but I generally find Echo or (on the odd occassion) Bottomless Depths more useful. This is however very varied from resto shaman to resto shaman. I would argue though that having CBT or not having it won’t stop you fram ranking high so if you’re not 100% comfortable with CBT using Echo won’t hurt you.

      One thing to keep in mind though that whilst ranking high is for sure a thing to aim for if you want to however to be aware that once you get into high percentiles it becomes much more about running less healers, having innervates etc. Resto shamans are, more so than other healers, hurt by having too many healers, I’d argue if your raids overheal is above 20-25% or so (depends on the class of course) you could probably do with cutting back a healer.

      These are just some quick thoughts. feel free to poke for more advice or questions and I’ll help if I can!

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      I tend to beleive that once you are heading into the 90+% for healing, its more about manipulating your raid to get high parses, not so much about “true” healing in a raid environment.

      There is no need to put such emphasis on your percentage, but more to use your logs just to see where you can clean up your rotation.

      I think people put way to much pressure on themselves to pull big numbers, when logs are SO much more than that.

      How do you know if you are doing your job as a healer?  Well….is your raid team still alive at the end of a fight?

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        In part I don’t disagree with what you’ve stated. Your percentile is not necessarily reflective of how “good” you are as healer (I use the term good loosley since that varies and different people have different criteria).

        I agree with the fact that log analysis should be primarily used to improve overall gameplay (CPM, resource management, right spell right time, effective spell usage and so on).

        However, if someone wants to rank and pull big numbers I see no harm in wanting to do so, as long as they know what it entails and that logs can be very skewed and manipulated.

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