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      Hello fellow shammies!

      Just to give you a short introduction, I was playing Warrior since TBC up untill Mythic Highmaul progression where I quit the game because i got really tired of the class i was playing, Identically it was not a Warrior anymore and it burned me out. the fact that i didnt have any real competition within the guild i was currently in might have been a factor in that i chose to quit. I have always struggled quite a bit With confidence and my ability to play well is something i’m rather doubtful about, i always doubt, always look to improve but my fellow Warriors in the guild always asked me “how do i do my rotation?” “how do you do high dps on this boss” Etc, so i told them. I Like to help People so i had no issue With this. But helping People while Your doubtful on Your self leaves even more doubt in Your track. Because you want to improve and feel that you are no way near good enough I started doubting wether it was right for me to even give advice at this point, So i quit wow for about a year.

      Then i discovered it! The restoration shaman, oh boy 😀 I never thought a healing class would make me Wake up in the morning and go “I Want to play WoW today” Its a water themed alien turning into something far more alien shooting water beams! Sign me up.. And it wasnt far away that the lust for raiding was coming back, and sadly in full force. I have never in my life raided as a shaman.. O.O Or let alone healer! How do i begin? Do i start slow, LFR? Heroic? Mythic? probably not mythic.. But i need to do Research! Google “Restoration shaman guide” Finds one on youtube, holy hell! 3 hours long? Well i am all for it! it seem good. And through that guide I Found And seeing you guys enjoy The restoration shaman, I couldnt help but get even more excited to play this class… I Started studying your logs on Warcraftlogs, Started taking in every little bit of detail.. I want to be a master restoration shaman. I Want to master every tiny bit of detail that the restoration shaman have.. But i have so much to learn and i love it!

      I have joined a guild that is on the lower end bracket of mythic raiding, they have yet to Clear archimonde and still progressing, wich is probably a little lower then i wanted. But they let me become confident in my ability to heal and i can improve on it from here, and then i’ll see where it takes me. For now its a long term solution, How ever I Dont think this end of the bracket kinda suits me.. They are more friendly and Family like, and Its not much competition going on. And i am a competitive player and need that kind of surroundings to feel “at home” basicly.. I Dont want to sound mean and Call them a stepping stone.. I dont think they deserve that because they are really Nice.. But i am a player With high goals, and With that i can guarantee when i get good enough i’ll hunt for those opportunities. this is just my nature, i want to be the best.

      But thanks to this site, I Love Learning about this class and finding every little tiny trick to it that i can! 🙂 I hope in the future i’ll learn even more! I appreciate this site, Reading this site makes Learning the class so much more fun!

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      Hello there Zyaki!
      Thank you for sharing your story with us. We’re happy to share enthousiasm for the game, and even more happy to hear that it helps others enjoy their restoration shaman more.

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