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    This is a site I have been searching for since I started my Shaman healer this year. I have tried Paladin, Disc and Monk and truly I think Shaman is my favourite to play. If only I wasn’t always last on the meters! I am lucky though, because although I play in a team with Disc, Monk and Paladin healers, no one seems to complain that I am last!

    Anyhow, again, thanks to Tuskeh for bringing you to my attention and for all the work you guys are putting into this site.


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    😀 cheers buddy!

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    Agreed, Amazing site! Keep up the good work admins!:D

    Love from Norway 🙂



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    Agreed twice over. I have been restored since Wrath and have really enjoyed your site, it is my new Life in Group 5. I am very jealous of your raiding success as being a father and Grandfather I only get two nights a week and so my friends and I are stuck in Heroic but still loving it.

    Keep up the good work.

    Love from Scotland 😋

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    You guys are making me blush, haha!

    Thanks for letting us know our work is appreciated.

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    this is truly one of the best healing sites I know. Even if I steeped back from 100% healing in order to prog the last 3 bosses on mythic I still visit this one at least once a day to keep up and to plan for legion.
    I’m looking forward to the start of legion with alot of fun resto discussion going on here 🙂

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