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    Hi fellow shamans, i’m new to the forums!

    Recently i found this guy Sweetsours making a “weak auras like” addon for shaman. Please check it out!


    Help him with some feedback if you want, or just like the video.

    I think is a great addon for some people that don’t know how to use weak auras or similar addons.

    as you can see, english is not my thing, but i’m trying to help this guy!

    thank you!

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    Dicovered his video today as well and downloaded it for playtesting. There are some issues I have with it but so far they are very minor. Will play around with it a lot more tommorow though. I really like the setup and it will aid me a lot in keeping track of things! Can’t wait to try out the enhancement auras as well.

    Here’s a picture with my new UI (Needs some tweaking) with the sweetsour auras enabled for Resto.

    Satyra UI

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    Hello and thank you for sharing my addon!

    It has certainly come a long way and there’s still much to do in terms of features and bug fixes; I’m trying to pace myself, lol. Also, thank you to anyone who has downloaded it 🙂

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