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      Honestly don’t have a specific question in mind but just wanted to get some analysis of my play from like-minded shamans and see where I have room for improvement! (I’m not very knowledgeable about logs by the way)

      Heroic Xavius:

      Mythic Nythendra:


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      Hi Freelessons,

      What an appropriate name you have :P. It can be a little bit daunting getting started with analyzing logs. I know the feeling. At this point I always look at a few things when I’m analyzing logs:

      • Uptimes (of spells that matter)
      • Mana spending / gaining patterns
      • Cooldown usage and effectiveness
      • Casting patterns – does it work for you?

      Next step is knowing how to find these things in the logs.

      Calculating uptimes starts with looking at fight lenght (we wrote an article a while ago about optimizing your cooldowns – I think the info will be interesting to you). The Nythendra fight took 4.11 mintes, equals 371 seconds.

      Riptide has a cooldown of 6 seconds: 371/6 = 61, meaning you can cast 61 riptides that fight. You casted 53 which is (53/61) a 86% uptime, not bad.

      However, Gift of the Queen is a pretty powerful spell. And even though you won’t find 6 people clustered all the time, you can find 3 or 4 quite often. You casted GotQ twice. With a cd of 45 seconds (371/45=8), an uptime of 25% there is something you can gain here. Especially since it doesn’t just heal, it increases HP too. Quite useful with all those nasty dots. The usage on Xavius is low too.

      I do think it is interesting for someone who plays such a Chain Heal focused rotation, to have so much mastery and so little crit. You’d expect the other way around. Perhaps that is something to look into.

      Hopefully, this was helpful to you :).


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      Perhaps you can help me understand further the mastery vs. crit and how it works with each playstyle. I did read the stat priority for EN article but really just came to the conclusion that there were people who just favor one or the other, not really how they factored into each playstyle. I had just always thought mastery was so powerful for resto shamans so I was trending towards those items.

      I definitely do favor a chain heal focused playstyle with healing wave added as necessary. It sounds like you’re saying that crit is more beneficial in this regard? In any case, I will definitely try to use the artifact ability more often through fights. Is this something similar to Riptide and HST that should be used on cooldown?

      Also I’ve seen a lot of recommendations to use Cloudburst but I have almost no experience with it. Is that something that should be just dropped on cooldown alongside HST and not really worried about besides that? I feel like there must be more effective ways to time the burst ability.

      Anyways you have indeed been very helpful, thank you. 🙂

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      I’m just gonna plug the talent article ( and our Cloudburst article ( In case you haven’t read them. I do think they offer more perspective.

      Shamans have a passive ability called ‘deep healing’. The lower HP our targets have, the higher our heals heal for. And the relative strength of that is increased by our mastery. This is why this stat is always insanely good during progress, and a bit less during farm (people just won’t drop as low as often).

      The mechanic behind crit is called ‘resurgence’. When our (single target) heals crit, a portion of our base mana is refunded. This is why on farm, the focus for resto shamans usually shifts to crit/haste.

      With the way the artifact works right now (there are a few traits playing into crit), and the availability of crit. It is actually possible to optimize this playstyle early on. If you are using an expensive spell like chain heal a lot. The crit build allows you more to do so – generally speaking.

      The artifact ability is pretty powerful, not using it would be a waste. You don’t have to use it on cooldown exactly. You can look for neat moments to weave it in. But I wouldn’t hang on to it for too long either, 45 seconds is only 1,5 healing stream in cooldown time (which we pop all the time too).

      If you read the CBT article, it will become apparent that you can definitely start off with casting CBT on cooldown (paired with HST indeed). As you become more experienced in using this talent, you will start to tweak it slightly here and there. Altering when you start dropping it (to counter mechanics), and when you trigger the burst (to ensure more or some healing). CBT is by no means a must, but it is competitive, intriguing, fun, and with a high sniping/ranking potential.

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