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      I made a weakaura to share if somebody is interested :

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      Mandatory comment that this weak aura has not been verified by our team.

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        Not much description as to what this WA is.  Any chance of some details and a few screenshots?

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      For some reason this won’t import properly, it seems to cut off.

      I was wondering if there was any way to estimate the healing potential of any active Cloudburst Totem with weak auras. I don’t think I can do it with tellmewhen.

      I’d love to check out your WA though, would be nice if you could fix that import string.

      //EDIT: Either I think I didn’t copy + pasta correctly. Anyway, this is a screenshot with the WA box mentioned above open:

      Thanks! (Anyone interested in a simple tellmewhen Group? I’m totally new to this site and I only just started playing again 3 weeks ago… :D)

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      Sry for the late post. Indeed this is an WA for traking your HST/Riptide/Ancestrial Guidance and most important your Cloudburst totem. Everything except the Cludburst totem is just basicly keeping track of your cd and shows you when it is up. So just press Riptide/HST when this WA shows up. The Cloudburst totem WA does this as well but also shows you the time for how long it will be up and gather healing and as well the amount of healing collected.

      How it looks like in fight

      CBT using


      WA Setup

      Here are some pictures of the WA and how it should look like.

      Maybe there are some problems with different WA versions. Updated mine and made a new string :

      Thanks for the feedback and sry for not posting pictures and everything in the first place.

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      feel free to use these great WA

      author Afenar.

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      I have tweaked your WA a bit and replaced a bunch of things with TMW, but most of the changes were only visually.

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