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    I use Undulation, Crashing Waves, Earthen shield Totem, Echo of Elements and Ascendance.

    With this build I’ve achieved top 5 rank shaman on server, with top 1000 mythic keys US wide completing 17 court and what not, I use Velens and Shaman gloves, but decided to ignore 4 set for the stat priority with 30% crit, 104% mastery and 8% haste with the haste trinket making 65%+ haste with heroism, and 30-35% without heroism when it procs. I just wanted to come in here to shed light on this build, that chain healing I don’t believe is the best way.. I do understand there’s a skill cap with the cloudburst, but when you can put a heal out every second ranging from 1.4mill-2.3mill. With the new Legendaries that are coming out next patch, I believe this will go over the top. Havent killed mythic krosus yet, however when we achieved 15% it was 800-950k hps ranging back n forth with CD usage


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