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      So i was wondering about how the 20% from deluge is calculated when using chain heal. And how chain heal is calculated in general.

      [Deluge-“Chain heal heals for an additional 20% on targets within your Healing Rain or affected by your Riptide.”]

      How exactly is the 20% calculated? And more importantly how is each additional bounce calculated after the heal on the main target?

      If chain heal bounces are calculated as a percentage of what the initial heal was that would mean as long as your primary target has riptide up, all players healed by bounces would be receiving the 20% increase. The primary target would have the 20% increase and because each bounce after that is calculated off the value of the initial heal, all would be receiving the bonus.

      However if the 20% is recalculated per jump that would significantly weaken the talent. That would then involve RNG of who the chain heal bounces to before it reaches it max bounces and whether or not the bounces went to those you had a riptide on or where in your healing rain.

      Does anyone know exactly how this works or has tested it in legion? If bounces are calculated as described the first way then that makes deluge amazing considering you could always have a riptide up so that you are guaranteeing the 20% additional healing. If its not calculated of the value of the initial heal and is re-calculated, it makes the talent much more situational.

      Any help or input is appreciated. Thanks boys.

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