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      Hey Guys, so ever since I got my first legendary (ring of the farseer) the extra talent bonus, I seem to be spamming riptide a lot more. It has helped a lot with my heals and they have gone up tremendously. I am usually top or second in heals, but I tend to be half of the other healer. My gear level is only 897.


      It started to become really bad now that I have my second legendary which benefits my riptide more. The waist which resets my riptide cool down if I heal a target under 30% health.


      The reason for making this is when is riptide too much, and also is there a middle ground between a single target raid healer or a chain healer spammer. I assume single target goes hand in hand with riptide and chain heals go hand in hand with the amount of crit you have.


      Any suggestions my fellow shammys



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      Hey Roger,

      Do you have any logs? They would help (not only you but also us) to see what is going on.

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      I’m not really sure exactly what you’re asking for, but I can clarify a few things for you.

      So, the value in echo is that it provides you with increased single target sustain when priority healing is spread across a small number of people as well as the ability to be more flexible with your micro cds.  For example if you elect (as you should) to not riptide or hst during something like AG or during very heavy AOE damage unless its going to save a life.  In situations like this shamans who are not speced into EoE would “lose” potential riptides because they probably spend more than 6 seconds not using it and thus a riptide is not used.

      The second thing is really, the belt is awful and even if you’re getting procs with it, continuously spamming riptide is not something you should do unless its going to save a life but a situation where you just continuously spam riptide isn’t a healing paradigm that exists right now.  You should play exactly how you were before.  Riptide as close to on cd as possible, delaying if you need to use more ch and then spending the 2 stockpiled charges after that damage instance is done.

      The last thing I wanted to clear up is that crit has no impact on how much CH you use that’s entirely on damage patterns and your mana.  Actually it means way less because CH has an insane amount of baseline crit as it is.  You will use more riptides when you need more single target healing, but if multiple people need direct healing all at once you will chainheal.  You are not locked in to any particular playstyle when you have any legendary, because part of being a good shaman is knowing how and when to utilize all the spells in your kit.

      TL;DR is, you should be seeing increased riptide usage with Soul of the Farseer, dont just spam riptide because you proc it with the belt, understand your whole kit and learn to adapt spell and talents to the situation, and PRAY that you get another legendary LOL.


      Hope this helps, but let me know if you have any other questions.



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      R u asking if you can use riptide too much?

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