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    Looking to get a review of our resto shaman because she’s underperforming and I don’t know enough about what to look for to identify the problem areas myself.

    I’m sure part of it is that we run with a Disc priest but she’s consistently doing about half the healing of our other healers.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Ok so quickly looked over

    Ascendance appears to be an issue.  Spammed HW instead of CH while it was up.

    Elemental Blast use seems a bit low to me, but she also wasn’t having any mana issues.
    In fact mana seems like it was really high the whole fight (didn’t drop below 75% till the last 5s of the fight) … so not casting enough spells in general?

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    Hi Elvenbane!

    Welcome to our little shaman enclave. However, we do want to point you at the first rule in our ‘Link your logs’ guidelines: “1. Do not post for someone else unless they specifically asked you to do so.”.

    We love helping people that are looking for more insight in their logs. We’re not so much interested in helping a RL providing arguments to remove their shaman from their team. Additionally, it is not very nice to see stuff published about you behind your back on the internet. Therefore, we aim to answer anyone who wants to get feedback, just not indirectly.

    All of our guidelines are available right here. We trust you understand :).

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    Understood. I’ll have her post.

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    i asked eb to help me 🙂 ty for your time 🙂

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