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      So i went from being one of our best healers to just trying to not get benched and i dont know whats happend. Would really appreciate any help with logs and telling me what im doing wrong and why i cant get anywhere near the other resto shaman.


      Guild: The Reddawn
      server: kel’thuzad

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      So I’m currently 10/10 H NH and I’m sure there are plenty of shamans with more MNH experience that can offer better advice that I can but– I took a look over the logs and a few things stand out.

      Star Augur is my favorite fight and one that really favors Rshamans, I think, so looking at that one:


      1. You cast Healing Surge 49 times for 20% of your healing. You cast Chain Heal 13 times for 10 % of your healing. Healing Surge should be cast very rarely, if ever, except for maybe in Tichondrius due to the mana-restore orbs. Chain Heal is your buddy– use it more– and direct heals should be covered by Riptide+Tidal Waves buffed Healing Wave rather than Healing Surge.

      2. In the Talents department you’re running Ascendance. Ascendance is a great in Mythics+ Dungeons; raiding favors High Tide, which is also Chain Heal reliant.

      I like Ancestral Guidance– you’re using that now. But, since you’re using the Legendary Boots you may want to take Deluge on some of the packed-together fights like Scorp, Anomaly, Spellblade, Krosus, & Star Augur. Entirely your call though.

      3. Trinkets– You may not be able to address this immediately but you’ve got two mana regen trinkets and you may want to shift one or both to throughput trinkets. NH drops Cake from Trill and Celestial Map from Star Augur which I think are really nice. An Int/Mastery stat stick like Nightbane’s Urn can also work.

      4. I think you just have 1 too many healers. Maybe all five of you really want to stay heals and, since things are dying, it works. But if you’re concerned about parses, there’s only so much opportunity available and 5 people competing to do it.

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