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      I started raiding Heroic EN, and Mythic EN this past week.  Outside of raiding I have done Mythic +6 Maw of Souls and several other mythic +2 to +5 daily.  I seem to struggle consistently in raids.  I have been bottom heals on each of the boss battles for the past 2 weeks with different guilds.  Last week I was bottom 10% and have now managed to improve to the bottom 26%.

      Granted, my AP is still somewhat low – However I believe there is alot of improvement in improving the efficiency of my spells.

      Evaluating myself I believe I have not used Riptide as often as I need to in raids.  I have mentally started to count down from 5 seconds now to keep a consistent riptide up.  However in a 5-man Mythic it is not as difficult to tell which class/person will provide the greatest gain.  Thanks for taking a look at my logs, and I was curious do you just keep ping ponging riptide between M/T and O/T ?  Any tips would be much appreciated.  I aim to hit into the top 20th  percentile.   Thanks for any tips.  Nyhendras would be the best to look at as my run ended short at Renferal.

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      First you need actually provide us with some logs from raids. Several fights is optimal so one can rule out fight specific mechanics/heal comp/having a bad night (we all have them) etc. Also easier to spot patterns with multiple logs.

      If your guild doesn’t log you can log yourself as well. Warcraftlogs is preferred, found here:

      Create a user for yourself, download the client (this is what allows you to upload logs to the site), make sure advanced combat logging is toggled in your system – network settings in WoW (this allows us to look at talent choices/gear etc.). To activate combat logging in game type /combatlog the same command is used to turn logging off. You can choose to live parse or just upload once your raid is done (this will mostly depend on your computer). For an excellent guide to logging check out Tuskeh’s youtube video – click me.

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