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      HI All

      I am struggling to work out what i should be using for my sham, I have the majority of the legendaries, and trying work out what is the best for it. I have 5 pieces of the tier sets,  My current set up is showing as with the gear that i’m using.  This feels the best set up for me, this can bring some big numbers on healing when needed, other set up is a 900 neck from the d host in tomb, ledge legs, and put 905  tier shoulders on to keep the 4 set, and i’ve also been playing with the last talent (ht/ assesendance)



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      Shambear, if you are happy with your current gear & stat set-up, your raid team is progressing, and you are happy with your performance as a healer then you have the “right” set-up.

      You are using the four-piece for the bonuses, have two of the top four Resto Shaman healing legendary items equipped (according to most theory-crafters), and have a solid second trinket.

      At this point you are probably down to improving your gear (rng) and tweaking your stats (based on your preferences and healing style).

      I prefer  more critical strike and less haste than you currently have, but your stat distributions work well in a raid environment.

      I also prefer High Tide over Ascendance for raiding.

      Here are two links from this site if you want to dive deeper into stats or trinkets.


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