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      So I have recently(a week ago) switched from maining a resto druid which I have been playing since cata to a resto shaman. I have read a lot of guides and legion prep stuff. Only thing I am iffy about is our heaing “rotation” (I have read the topic on here regarding that). I have a couple of questions.

      1) Is it a good idea to cancel a filler spell(healing wave) to maintain 100% up time of healing stream/cloud burst/healing rain? even on lesser damage phases.

      2) I know it says to use cloud burst on CD, but I take it its a good idea to postpone it if you know there is a damage spike incoming?

      3) I seem to be spot healing spamming healing wave a lot? not that much damage going out and will switch to healing surge if some one takes a big hit or chain heal if lots of aoe.

      4) Is it a good idea to create a /stop casting /cast healing surge macro? so I can stop a “filler” healing wave for oh crap healing surge?

      I did some LFR’s to create some logs so you can see what I am doing or not doing.

      I will admit my gear is poo and I’m not really enchanted, boosted the char on Wednesday. Just really looking to see what mistakes I am making in my logic of healing as a shaman.



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