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    Hey folks. I was messing around with rsham on the alpha tonight, and wanted to get some numbers in a Google doc so I could look/mess around with things at work (I’m a responsible employee, promise >.>). Posting the link here in case anyone is interested.

    For now it’s just spellbook descriptions (except when I got lazy) and numbers with varying amounts of gear. Holler if you see something incorrect or if you’d like me to check something out. I’ll update it as I have time to experiment more.

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    Wooooo! Finally resto is up!

    When it comes to discussing alpha stuff, I’ll be gathering my team of shamans. Hopefully, that results in a nice evaluation post soon! 😀

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    Will anyone who is a member here be streaming at all? I’ll be looking for some of the Alpha Resto footage, but I’d rather hear/see it from someone who actually knows something about Resto Shaman.

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    I just did few dungeons and I didn’t enjoy it at all 🙁 It felt almost like WoD but without some spells. And Gift of The Queen and Power of the Waves is realy awful in 5 man enviroment. On some fights Power of the Waves did like 0 healing, Gift was a bit better, but I rarely could use it to heal 5 people. It may seem funny, but I got depressed about my future as resto shaman 😛 which I really loved for 8 years now, because when I’m playing alfa mistweaver I have soo much fun

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