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      So my guild wants me to reroll a shaman. Now i’m here, and i have just about no clue what i am supposed to do. I’ve read all of the things on your website here and yesterday i got my first 3 bosses on Mythic (my guild boosted me, but yeah). I tried playing the way Keehn does, but it feels a bit weird. Am i doing it right?

      I know i’m a bit undergeared (842), but can you tell me if i’m sort of doing it right or not? This is a parse from Mythic Nythendra.

      Thank you very much for your time!


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      I’ve not looked at your logs in-depth (time and energy is an issue for me at the moment) but I did glance over them.

      I personally have no experience playing the way Keehn does (the single target only no chain heal build) but my opinion is that until you feel more comfortable with resto shaman as a class I’d stick with one of the more traditional builds until you get a handle on everything else.

      Some tips:

      – If you can’t get good use of Cloudburst consider using Echo instead. On a fight like Ursoc you could even try Bottomless Depths. If you feel comfortable with Cloudburst by all means use it but if you feel overwhelmed with all the things stick with Echo until you find your resto shaman feet.

      – If you cast a lot of chain heal always consider High Tide. Ascendance can be good on some fights, especially if your team needs the extra CD to carry you through a tough phase.

      – I personally tend to stick with Vigor or APT in that talent row since I find there are few fights where I can get use of EST (although Cenarius would be an excellent EST and also arguably Nyth unless you’re very spread) especially since I often run with another resto shaman who usually specs EST.

      –  First talent row varies. I tend to swap between UL and Undulation depending on the fight. Torrent is an acceptable choice though by no means a clear winner since the nerf to it’s inital heal.

      Worth keeping in mind is even if you go more chain heal oriented is that some fights you will still cast less chain heal just due to how the mechanics work on certain bosses, Dragons/Spiderbird versus Ursoc for example.

      Any questions or queries just poke.



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