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      Zomgtotems posted:

      Underwhelming logs, interested to know what you boys think – if theres something I’m doing wrong etc.

      To which I had answered:

      Hey there.. I like your name *giggedy*.

      Did some quick checking. Right now you guys are 4 healing Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver and Mannoroth (progress on Archi I see). I highly suggest dropping down to 2-3 healers to even remote see you do any numbers. My guild is currently 0-2 healing pretty much all fights to get some numbers going. I do think you’d benefit from swapping echo of the elements to ancestral swiftness (even on archi progression – you probably don’t need two spirit links on that fight unless stuff gets messy), and foremostly: drop that spirit enchant on your weapon, get the mastery one. The main suggestion the guys came up with for Archimonde, was not using the glyph Spiritwalker’s Grace but Spiritwalker’s focus.

      For the actual nitty gritty, you’re not giving us many pointers to work with in 2 sentences. Perhaps some of the guys really wants to dive in your numbers, but they’re all pretty busy right now.

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      Haha, cheers!
      I guess it’s more wanting feedback in terms of if it’s actually something I’m doing / not doing, or if its just us stacking healers too much. Obviously with the way our mastery work this doesn’t play nice with our numbers!

      Have swapped to ancestral and seen a bit of increase, but I guess that comes mostly from sniping. Could still sack off the spirit enchant too, thanks.

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