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      I am posting the permission of the shaman in question. Her heals seem low and we are trying to make her competitive with the rest of the healers. I have been trying to help but I have not main a resto shammy in a very long time. Please help, before she decides to quit…


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      you guys are 3 healing a 11 man heroic, which means you arent testing your healers, so they will get lower rankings.

      your Hpriest and Rdruid are taking away all the healing that is needed inside the spirit realm. (She is in the spirit realm right?)

      i think the most easiest thing to do is to drop a healer, so she can do some more healing.

      We are 4 healing Desolate host in a 22man raid


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      Couple things to consider here in terms of length of fight.

      -There are only 59 out of 81 possible casts of riptide.

      -Velen’s was used 5 out of 7 possible times.

      -Gift of the Queen was only used 6 out of 11 possible times and used poorly. You want to always try to hit the maximum 6 players it can hit.

      -Cloudburst Totem was only used 9 out of 17 times.

      -Ancestral Guidance was never used even though the shaman is specced into it so thats 0 casts out of 5 possible uses.

      -Healing tide totem was used 1 out of 3 possible uses.

      -Spirit Link Totem was never used so that is 0 out of 3 possible casts.

      When you look at the mana of the shaman vs the health of the boss you can see that there is a huge issue here. Your shaman has near full mana the whole fight. I believe aiming to have the same same percentage of mana or a little above the boss health percentage is a good measurement.

      All in all, I think your resto shaman just needs to try to cast more often. Get more usage out of her CD’s. Try to cast gift of the queen while Cloudburst Totem is up. The healing on CBT has a high overhealing ratio as well, try to time it a little better so the overhealing isn’t so high.




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