please check my logs if possible my raid leader is frustrated with me

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      [This link to warcraftlogs has been removed on request of the user]

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      Hello [anonymized],

      To be honest, I quickly scanned through all the fights. Some fights you top, some fights the others top. Do you know why your raid leader is frustrated with you? Output looks reasonable, compared to the other healers. No reason to get upset.

      In terms of rotation, looks fine as well. You’re spending your mana, giving the right priorities to spells. You can see that if you are focussing on using riptide and healing stream on cooldown, that your overall healing increases as well. So you could try to not get distracted or slacky, and I think you could snipe away from the others more. But again, nothing for you raid leader to get frustrated by (in heroic).

      I see you’re running conductivity. Know that unless your raid is very coordinated in positioning (which can often lack in heroic) and you’re on fights like gorefiend or tyrant, you will probably get more use out of rushing streams. Especially when you use it on cooldown :P.

      Talk to your raid leader, why is he frustrated? Are you failing mechanics a lot? Are you slacking on attending or using potions, buffing etc? I don’t immediately see a lot of reasons to get frustrated with you based on your logs.

      Good luck, have fun 🙂

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      I was using the stream and she told me to take it off, she also says I am using healing stream totem wrong. Some points are mechanics she says I am dying to much, Now in her defense I sometimes die to regain mana she is not happy about this. Can you help steer me on these issues? I thought stream was a place on cooldown always, and well I’ve a ton of haste and do run out of mana so I do need to readjust that factor. I guess I am too depended on self rez which she says I cannot use any longer unless she calls for it, Fair enough.


      I would like to thank you for this assistance as she is hinting I will no longer be able to raid if things don’t change

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      Pick up rushing streams. If she asks why, point to this site (the talent build section). It is not generally accepted to proactively use your reincarnate as a means to regain mana. Try working with elemental blast, a mana pot and proper spell casting to manage your mana instead :P.

      You mention you tend to die a lot. That usually tells me two things: 1) you’re not aware of mechanics yet. Or 2) you’re not able to track your timers properly. Number 1 is rather easy to fix, just take a moment to read through the dungeon journal again. Read the ability descriptions of the things you sort of know but not really. It can work very refreshing after raiding for a while.

      Regarding number 2, I often see starter UI’s with DBM and Big Wigs in their original places. Meaning all the way to the right of their screen. I don’t know about you, but I don’t go there a whole lot. And if I”m busy keeping people up in the middle of the screen, being in touch with the right side is not very convenient. That is why I moved my long and short running timers more towards the middle. This might help you too (in case you haven’t done this already). Knowing when something happens, helps you to prevent it happening on you.

      You say you have a lot of haste and run out of mana easily. I didn’t get a chance to see your gear (armory is elemental). Do you run with spirit on your neck, back, rings and trinkets? Do you have the demonic phylactery? Not having these things will severely impact your ability to continue your rotation in a (long lasting) fight. Don’t forget elemental blast on cd if you struggle, its works wonders.

      Save your reincarnate for when you die from mechanics indeed. Nothing is more frustrating to a raid leader, then having to ress your shaman with a normal battle ress when he died from mechanics, when he reincarnated to regain mana just before. 😛

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      Here is my UI, as you can see both LONG and SHORT running timers are slightly off to the left. Long timers build upwards, short timers build downwards. Perhaps its useful 🙂

      UI Dorelei

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      I like your ui mine is a bit different, and I see you use vuhdu do you ever use the hostile part, I use mine for shocks, elemental blast and chain lightening on the mouse and then I use the  macro that harm/heals so that if I am moused over the boss part of vuhdu it will cast lightening bolt and I use the mouse wheel up and down for wind shear and purge. Is that odd? I ask because I don’t see that on any of the UIs around. My weak auras could probably use some changes but I really like the way your character is above your raid frame  I think I am going to switch to that.

      No I don’t have the soc trinket, I am using a made one from alch and the heroic intuitions gift. My spirit is at 1730 which I felt should be good enough but my haste is at 27% do you think that makes a difference, or possible I really need to read up on mana management? Which  i will do now that we talk about it.

      Again thanks so much


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      My UI is build around function. I know some people prefer the style of Elvui, I like that too. But I’d like to be basic and straightforward. So far that has caused me to use most traditional looks.

      I don’t think its odd to use your scroll up and down in healing. Whatever you bind it to is your preference, in my case earth shield and riptide. You usually can’t see that on UI’s though. I have riptide double bound (mouse wheel and 1) and earth shield only bound to my mouse wheel.

      Help/harm macro’s is something I ran into with the finalboss episode recently. I think I saw it before, but at that point I wasn’t grasping the concept of it. I thought the idea was extremely interesting, but I had some concerns. Therefore I tested it on the beta. I decided to use the icons of the healing spells, not the damage ones. I needed to set up trackers (WA’s) for the cooldowns on flame shock and lava burst (as they were hidden behind riptide and healing surge. I did: riptide / flame shock, healing wave / lightning bolt, healing surge / lava burst, chain heal / chain lightning. So that was just getting used to. The remaing concern I had was being able to instantly self heal. Which is something you can do if you have an enemy targeted and you want to heal yourself with unique bindings. Now I could arrange the order (either have help first or harm first), but ultimately that doens’t give me the flexibility that I need. So I figured, I could make a self targeting macro. But that would mean having to hit an extra keybind in the heat of the moment. And therefore I decided to not use help/harm macro’s and stick to unique keybinds.

      My second shaman ( has 1907 spirit at 713 ilevel and no phylactery. That works on the level you’re currently raiding at. So your spirit is a little low I’d say. Are you sure your neck, cloak, and rings are having spirit on them? It could also be the difference of my char using the leech trinket and yours using IG. Check up on that idd.

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      I see that is very interesting to me. and I never use flame shock I will make those adjustments. here is my link. Yes I have spirit on my cloak, neck and rings but I see how my stats are totally different. Your haste  is 36 my reads as 23 and my mastery is very  high 94 while yours is at 79. Yours seems like a much more stable build.

      It is so nice to talk shaman to someone who know so much more than me, I am so happy I found you and decided to talk. I’ve been reading your site for about 6 months but never had much to say.

      Love your guild tabbard

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      Dont get blinded by the amount of haste she has on her alt there. If you would take a closer look you’d see that she has gemmed and enchanted mastery, wich is still your prio stat. You are at 94% atm wich could be higher at your lvl i guess, you’ll get haste as secondary but just go for increasing your heals.

      I myself am at 117% atm and only at 5/13 mythic so not that big of a difference in progress, seems to me you are missing a few key items as your main trinkets and your second tier bonus.

      I’m definetly not as skilled nor knowledge as dorelei but you could be pushing for those upgrades and you’ll be fine and imo if your raidleader is talking trash like that i’d rly consider to look for a more friendly guild cause she doesnt have a clue what she is talking about.

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      Good point by Skilaks. The gear on that alt is not carefully selected. I literally took left over drops. Check out our build pages to see how we prioritize our stats (mastery definitely being the foremost one). I figured showing that alt would give an insight at what gear level I felt comfortable healing HC’s and starting mythics without a problem.

      A lot of raid leaders feel like they have to tell players that struggle how to play the game and their class. I understand that and I don’t necessarily think bad of them. However, there are only a few players in this game that can actually tell you how to properly play each class and spec. And I, for example, am not one of them. It is unrealistic of your raid leader to expect the same of him/herself. So up to a certain point, you will have to trust your players to research their own class and spec.

      Usually, being able to (properly) explain why you choose a certain talent, will be good enough for a raid leader. You’re showing that you know what you are talking about, and therefore the raid leader doesn’t have to figure it out on your behalf. Use this site for situations like these. And if you’re not sure, tell your raid leader that you don’t know either and that you’ll be searching for answers. That is what this site is all about.

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      Great info above, so (as a raid leader) I’d like to approach from a different angle.

      It’s clear that despite places where you could improve, you aren’t making critical errors and are holding your own on the meters. My immediate thought then was why you were being singled out as the ‘problem.’ Especially when there are more obvious critical errors happening with the other healers. Disc priest Archangel uptime for instance.

      Now that you have credible information that says you are are not making critical mistakes and have a plan to improve on the smaller mistakes you are making, I would try to find out why this raid leader is coming down on you so hard. You’ll either find out what the real reason is and decide whether you can solve it or not, or find out that your raid lead has a touch of the crazy. 😉

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