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      Hello guys!

      Just installed pawn and wanted to put in the stat weights, but cannot find anything about it?

      I know mastery is super important for us, then crit. Do you guys have any weights to share? 🙂

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      Hey Teilmann!

      Unfortunately, resto shamans don’t work that way. A melange of stats allows them to perform exquisitely. With resto shamans right now, you first want to make a decision what fits you better: the mastery build or the crit build (read the rotation and stat articles if you want to know more). Depending on that, you start gathering pieces. In general: if it has mastery and crit it is great. If it is either mastery or crit heavy, it is also pretty good. But as we’re just gathering stats right now (start of the expansion), the intellect/stamina gain usually is pretty massive.

      If you ask for stat weights here, or on Discord, I’m afraid people will tell you the same thing. We’re not a one-trick-pony. Our class shines in different situations (different types of damage taken and different group sizes) and traits (resurgence and deep healing).

      Hopefully, this helps you to choose upgrades.

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        I know that resto shamen are not one trick ponies, but as i (maybe not so clearly) stated above, im going for a mastery build, with a second focus on crit.

        So: mastery>crit>haste=versatility

        Mathematically, one would think that it should be possible to make stat weights for that, but hey! I’ll live without it 🙂

        Just started using pawn addon, and was wondering if it could be done.

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      In the past (read: during HFC), we did come up with stat weights. But the playstyle felt more cookie cutter back then. Right now it can occur that you swap you enchants from mastery to crit, just because of a few upgrades (and the balance feeling wrong). If we could, we would. And I expect us to be able to define more of a quantifiable priority towards the nighthold.

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      Hey Teilman,

      I had same question, I just started using pawn myself, guild wants us to use it to make things easier when distributing gear. I’m using the crit build with heavy mastery 🙂 . were gonna start mythic so I may eventually go more traditional mastery build, but for now crit build.

      this is what I got from noxic which copies directly into pawn addon.

      ( Pawn: v1: “PvE-Shaman-Restoration-Noxxic”: CritRating=6.05, MasteryRating=7.55, HasteRating=4.55, Intellect=9.05, Versatility=3.05 )

      this is what I will manually change weights to after I install the link

      Intellect [9.05] > Mastery [7.55] > Crit [7.65] > Haste [3.05] > Versatility [4.55]

      Hope this helps

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      I usually do feely-crafting with my pawn weights. I get a new item and it has a lot of crit but no mastery, haste instead, I heal a bit and I find that I end up with more mana then I need, or I get this new shiny trinket that lets me replenish mana all the time, I go into pawn and lower the value of crit. Then I have a look, should I change my enchants? Schould I swap out a few pieces for stuff that was “second best” before and is now suddenly reccomended?

      I have developed a huge wardrobe to be able to change my character the way I want it to. But specially getting new enchants and gems can be very expensive. I’m spending around 15k gold each day in herbs and food for buffmats and the occasional enchant for optimisations that “feel” to be more of a 2-3% kind of thing. Most people wouldn’t bother, and I can’t fault them. I feel silly myself, but this is just the way I play I guess.

      The thing is, asking for perfectly simcrafted statweights is asking for exactly this kind of stuff. It won’t make a 10% difference, the better you understand what your stats do for you, the less of a difference it will probably make since your gearing would have already been pretty good. And even those statweights you want, they change each time you play differently and each time you swap a piece of gear.

      I find it a bit liberating to be honest that simcraft is nowhere close to being able to accurately simulate heal gear in a way that would give “mathematically” correct stats. Too many correlations. Do you have 2 relics that give queen ascendant? What does that mean for the value of your haste? Should you actually be looking for versatility in favor of haste? But what if the next relic pushes your healing rain and totem uptime, and you don’t have any haste now… Do you get so much loot and items that you have gear to fall back on if your statweights change? Can you actually make practical use of so much theorycrafting?

      That is stuff I keep wondering about.



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      Hey killmekillu

      Just wanted to let you know, your string is different from what you mention below. The Haste and versatility stat are swapped.

      “( Pawn: v1: “PvE-Shaman-Restoration-Noxxic”: CritRating=6.05, MasteryRating=7.55, HasteRating=4.55, Intellect=9.05, Versatility=3.05 )


      Intellect [9.05] > Mastery [7.55] > Crit [7.65] > Haste [3.05] > Versatility [4.55]


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