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      Hey guys! Patch 6.2.3 just hit the PTR. Is there anything resto shaman-ish that you guys are curious of?

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      Ohhhhh! THAT kind of news and rumors… I thought you were talking about rumors about all the late night Skype chats between Keenh and Dunderz, which may or may not include clothes and ambient lighting. 😛

      But seriously, they are taking out Multistrike correct? So, what happens to those stats currently on our gear? Obviously that’s not our top two stats, however, if they end up replacing some multistrike items with a mastery/haste stat, our gear list might change a bit correct?

      Sorry for the poor job of prior research done on my behalf – I saw the new rumors section and I got excited…. 😛

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      If they did that behind my back i am so jealous right now its not even funny.
      From what i know multistrike wont be removed with this patch, its should be gone with pre legion patch that will hit in future.

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      Imagine this:
      It all happens in an old cabin in Sweden out in the woods covered by snow, we sit in front of the fireplace wearing thick winter clothes from playing outside. The radiating heat coming from the fireplace makes it unbearable to have clothes on, and forces us to undress right there on the spot. The living light from the fire casts long shadows, as we stand there naked and sweaty, totally enchanted by the other. :$

      Now to the point, multistrike being removed… meh I have no strong feelings for it, but would rather see versatility getting scrapped. As far as I know they haven’t mentioned the stats they will reroll it for (will depend on piece and stat comp), and it won’t matter too much considering we will sit with pre-patch for a limited amount of time before the expansion is actually released. Thus I don’t really feel the need, to do a lot of work to setup a new BiS list for the few weeks pre-patch is live. It will of course be something to take into consideration if you want to, but at that point gathering some dps gear will be more valuable to make levelling efficient.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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