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      I’d like to know if there are any opinions or resources on how much mastery we should aim for before we should go for other secondary stats (if at all). I’m currently sitting at 98% mastery unbuffed/unenchanted and wondering if maybe I should go for crit over mastery for the mana returns etc.


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      For the most part i like to to got roughly 110/120% mastery and then go for crit.
      Gives me a good amount of mastery for those “Oh shit everyone is dying” moments in progression and then crit for the rest. As for how much crit, I just get enough for me to last an encounter 5/7 minutes long. Sitting at 20%ish atm, aiming for 25ish when mythic progression starts.

      Ofc, this is just my opinion and i know alot of people just go after as much mastery as posible.

      Hope it was an answer you could use.


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      Thanks for your input!

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      It will largely depend on what you can get your hands on. I think my stats are something like 107% mastery, 22% crit, 10% haste right now. If there’s a big chunk of mastery on a piece of gear, I’m going to take it. Not all slots can be filled by just mast/crit from the raid. So you’ll end up with some Mast/Haste or get lucky with some great mythic + items. I wouldn’t be too focussed on certain percentages. Just look at the gear (what stats are on it, which stat does it lean to – can be mastery heavy, can be haste heavy etc) and decide what you’re gonna run with.

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      How the hell have you gotten above 90% mastery already? I’m struggling to get past 80% (finally hit about 81% over the weekend). I am sitting at 33% crit, however, which I am pretty happy about.

      Sadly, the gear I got out of my mythic chest today was an 860 neck piece with versatility and haste with a dps set bonus on it (yes, my loot specialization is set to resto). So I was pretty disappointed with that, as I have to continue wearing the 840 neck I have with crit and mastery on it.

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      Atm, im sitting 114% Mastery, 22ish% crit and 4% haste. (ilvl 862)

      An “easy” way (if you have the gold) is crafted item with BiS stats and upgrading them to 850.

      Another way is to just spam mythic+2 for 3 chests with 3 geared friends and “boost” people with low ranking keys.

      Right now i feel good about my stats, got to kill the first boss on mythic and try everything out in a mythic setting.

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      Currently 98.98% Mastery, 19.33% Crit, 5.78% Haste. I don’t feel that confident in Mythic +. I haven’t tried any but I have done reg Mythics.

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      34 percent crit 97 percent mastery. Thats where i’m happy.

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      Currently sitting at ~29% crit, ~97% mastery, ~12% haste

      I have read/heard 30% crit is optimal then everything mastery due to the resurgence passive.

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