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    Hey shaman guys and girls 😛

    After about 6 months i got a useable item out of the mythicbox. 3 Weeks ago before the prepatch the ring from Tyrant was bis. The Ring i got from the loot box has  131 crit and  202 haste. Compared with the heroic ring from Tyrant  (210 Vers and 93 mastery).

    I just wanna have ur opinion which one  u would take.

    And the second question is how do u like that crit will be stronger in legion? I loved the shaman in MoP. Haste to cap and then full crit. FFS i missed the crit stat in WoD. How do u think about it?





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    Hi Intoxicated!

    Unless you are really struggling to clear (people dropping low all the time, kill timers +5 minutes), I would pick the crit/haste ring.

    I think crit will play a more important role in Legion that it has played in WoD. Mastery will remain strong. How the exact balance of those two stats will play out I don’t know yet.

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