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      I am under-performing and not entirely sure what I am doing wrong. The other Resto shaman destroys me. He is at Artifact Power Level of 54, I am at 45. The other healers are 39 monk, 36 priest.

      I know I may not have the best reaction times in the world, but even when I essentially just try to spam chain heal and use all mana, my HPS is not reaching what feels to be appropriate for my gear level.

      I use a simple mouse, so I figure my needing to click the bar for CD traits is hindering, but amazed if could be by that much. I also do not use a healing add-on, so perhaps the need to click on the char and then cast is hindering  vs the simple UI that lets you cast on your selection of who you want to heal. I am considering getting a mouse with more button as well.
      I am just surprised that even manually playing the game is putting me that far behind in HPS and hope some more knowledgeable folks can decipher if I am making critical class mechanic errors.

      Thank you for your time, help, and feedback.


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      Hi Shar,

      New on here, but I took a look at your logs which I’ll discuss but I also wanted to recommend Healbot Continued addon which is what I use and I really saw my HPS increase when I started using this addon. It takes away that extra step of clicking on a raid frame and then clicking the heal or using a key binding. I have the majority of all my spells set up to be used with variations of Shift+left mouse click, Shift+Right mouse click, Shift + Middle Mouse click, Ctrl + mouse 1,2,3.. etc… just an idea of how you would use healbot.

      Now let’s discuss your logs.

      Looking at what legendaries you have as well as your trinket use etc. I noticed on the first boss fight of NH, you only casted Healing Surge once.


      this should be casted a lot more especially with legendary bracers. The best way to use this is to pre cast this spell on tanks or even throwing a spot heal to a raid member, if they are full I would jump to cancel the spell or move and then cast another precast until I can get it to hit where it’s used, but also if raid damage is occurring to stop and react according to the damage.

      Since it looks like Chain heal is your number 1 healing spell for all your logs, I would recommend specing into High Tide instead of Ascendance.

      Also I would spec into Deluge instead of Ancestral Guidance.

      With your tier set bonus, which benefits Healing Surge and Healing Wave also. These spells need to be used more period.

      Also communication with the other healers to stagger major healing c/ds during increased damage phases will help your HPS so that you are not overlapping c/ds

      I hope this helps 🙂

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        Thank you for the feedback. I suppose it is definitely required to use VuhDo or Healbot – I am just surprised it is that significant in HPS.

        The first three bosses of NH may not be the best log review – Our heals are so strong for heroic on these bosses, I really do not even heal on these but just throw down extra damage. heh. I understand your point.

        I do intend to use healing surge more often – I seem to have plenty of mana with how the other healers play to be able to afford the increased healing form surge rather than needing any mana efficiency with wave. I just feel like casting single target is not going to boost my HPS and I feel behind so opt to continue chain healing in hopes of getting heals out. I don’t want to be cut from the team and understand how bad my logs looks.

        Given that I am clearly not the best healer, I choose ascendance and guidance to be more of the “Oh shit” healer. I try to step in when there is a mess up or large damage burst with these talents as opposed to being king of the top-off. It is just hard to validate this choice once you look at the data.

        Seems the only way to validate this kind of healing coverage to at least be able to show raid leaders that I can also just pump out a 450-500+ HPS over maintenance heals vs emergency heals.

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