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      Hi all, I have just re-rolled resto shaman to help my guild with NH. This is my first time raiding since SoO me I wanted to know if you kind folks would look over my logs and help me identify where I can improve.

      I don’t have any legendaries for resto yet but and running M+ a bunch to try and get one to drop. I also just got my 2 piece (880 legs and 890 shoulders) that being said I do have the 940 ele shoulders.

      We are a more casual guild but I just want to be as good as I can while I’m investing my time. We just started heroics on Tuesday and will be moving through them this Thursday. Any advice would be great specifically to hearing and stay weights, I do have a lot of crit as of now but and going to switch enchants to mastery and go mastery food as well. I’m hoping for the cake trinket to drop for me but my luck may be used up on trinkets as I have an 895 celestial map.

      Here are the logs and thank you so much in advance for helping this casual out!!!

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      Healing is more of an art than a science, and there are multiple ways to achieve victory. Factors such as raid comp, coordination of healing CDs and Strat will affect meters greatly. Bottom line, if your raid isn’t dyeing to something you could have prevented as a healer then there is only so much room for improvement as you end up competing against other healers for a bigger slice of the pie.

      Looking at your logs your not in a bad place, your Item level is a bit low so that’s going to impact HPS. I’m no expert myself but a few things I noticed, you have the earthen shield talent but only used it once on your last attempt and not at all on the first. Ill agree it shouldn’t be used on CD, but for a fight like skorpyron its should be a lot closer to 100% uptime. I used mine 5 times over a 6 min fight last night on Scorpion and I average about 2.4M absorb per cast. also your healing rain cast count seems a bit low and your HT overheal % is pretty high.

      I’m a big fan of using all my healing spells and using them when most necessary.  I think your on the right track and once you get more gear and some of the healing legendries, you should see a nice improvement. as far as stats go I felt good with Crit >34%, mastery > 100% and haste >15%. Iv been finding it harder to achieve these numbers since 7.1.5 since EVERTHING seems to have versatility on it now.

      anyway ill post my Logs from last night, feel free to compare.

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      Thanks so much for the advice!!! i changed up a few things and I know i still need to work on HST but its coming. These are my logs from last night


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