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      I’ve quite recently rerolled to shaman and never really played it before so I’m looking here for some advice on how to improve. Since I haven’t played the class much I don’t have many logs, but I’ll link last week’s EN mythic and the NH normal from today.

      I can’t equip both of my legendaries yet, but I have Uncertain Reminder and Sephuz’s.. Also got the 5% trait tonight, after the raid. I think I’m kinda low on mastery and trying to get that up a bit. I’m not really sure about anything so I’m very grateful for any help I can get.

      EN mythic:

      NH normal: (yes we six healed it, no one wanted to go dps..)

      Here’s also a link to the char rankings, if you wanted to check any other logs:


      I am kinda new to raid healing, mostly played blood DK and mage until now, but I really enjoy rsham and I want to improve so I can actually help my guild and not feel carried… lol


      Thanks in advance!


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      No one can help me? 🙂

      Here’s a link to my NH hc rankings.. I don’t know what to do about it :/



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        honestly your biggest problem is your raid is oversaturated with healers. you can improve your numbers by snipping heals but generally you will cause overhealing on other healers while not giving anything back to the raid efficiency. you can try switching to earthen shield totem and grab some more absorbs. additionally you’re mastery heavy, which isn’t bad unless your raid is healer heavy like yours. most of your mastery is going to waste with your guilds raid comp.

        either you should consider changing a healer or two to dps or hold out till heroic, when raid damage taken ramps up. Cant suggest much till then, sorry.

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