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      What were we thinking as far as neck enchants go? Was (un)fortunate enough to get [Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus] and would like to pimp it out. Is the flat 300 mastery neck enchant the best for us, or maybe the 550 crit/haste proc one? Mark of the Ancient Priestess sounds pretty awful so I’m not sure that one is even in contention.

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      Hey Ukarn,

      Gratz on the legendary neck! Sure there are more fancy resto shaman specific legendaries to get, but the neck is far from bad, so enjoy!

      In terms of enchants, there’s the enchant that randomly procs a heal and passes through the raid (priestess if I’m not mistaken). So far that one has been underwhelming in performance. Second preference goes out to the neck enchant that gives flatout 300 mastery. Alternatives in the future and for other classes is the flat stat crit/haste combo another enchant offers. So far, I’m running mastery though.

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