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      Hi…it’s me…. again >_<.

      So we just started Mythic Tyrant, and holy fruit loops batman I am draining my mana and we haven’t even really made it to phase 3 yet.

      I know, I know, I still suck at UL and SWG – I’m just bad, bad, bad. But on Tyrant there isn’t a whole lot of movement at least (we’ve only made it to the end of phase 2 so far). I was trying my best to hang on to my Cd’s for Phase 3, but most of the time when I popped them we were literally going to die if I didn’t (I think) :P.

      I think the raid is taking a ton of extra damage, which with more attempts and getting the tanks to hold a better stationary position (so melee doesn’t have to keep adjusting) will help. But on my own end, I’m feeling frantic halfway and close to the end of phase 2 (DPS needs to push more to get us out of that phase sooner obviously), and I feel like I’m throwing all my shit out the window and spamming chain heal and hard as my fingers can mash >_<.

      So, don’t look at the first attempts, I was just learning the fight and I sucked super bad :P. I took these #’s from attempt #11, our longest attempt at 4m30s.


      HST:  33.75 average between casts – Can try to tighten that up a bit

      RT: 9.64  – lacking a ton here – but there also isn’t a ton of damage in phase 1. I try to keep up on the tanks though and the healing debuff person. I think near end of phase 2 I’m spamming chain heal so hard, I skip some RT here… I don’t know how to fix not feeling frantic when the raid is on the verge of death lol.

      EB: 19.28 – obviously if I am low on mana, I need to really work at keeping this up better. But again, frantic sets in and I’m feeling like if I miss one chain heal, death will immediately follow. >_< lol.

      Healing CD’s: Like I said, I was really trying to make sure they are up for the phase 3 movement, so I don’t know how I can better use these, and ensure they are up at phase 3… I literally reflex used them like, oh shit please don’t die raid! Trying to throw SLT up for when the hammer comes down. I heard it would be nice to save one for the last phase when we get hammer and we are over in the corner.

      ANYWAY….. I guess my question is, do I allow myself to spam Chain heal when we are on the verge of death near end of phase 2, or do I cross my fingers and hope someone else covers them while I toss out a RT and EB?

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      Edit: I realize that the debuff during that phase is never going to let me get them up much higher than they are, until we push phase, so I don’t know why I’m freaking out so hard trying to heal them haha.  >_<.

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      Progression behavior in P2 is pretty straightforward: make sure to maintain 100% uptime of Healing Rain, RT on cooldown (preferably on tanks and people with debuffs and Tainted Shadows), use your Tidal Waves for Healing Waves on tanks and healing absorbs, squeeze EB’s inbetween this all. Save your SG for when the add knocks the whole raid back and throw a few CH’s while in the air. This is the conservative way and saves a lot of mana, making you very effective in p3.

      Towards the end of p2, you might want to use CH’s more often, depending on the HP level of your raid. But the prio is obviously to keep the tanks up. Personally, I think excessive use of CH in p2 is a waste, unless (a) raid is very low and Edict is incoming soon, or (b) you’re going for the ranks 😛

      As for the cooldown usage, feel free to use Ascendance + SG on 1st Tempest, it will be ready in p3 again. Healing Tide + SLT handles one edict in p2 just fine. In case you’re running with Echo, I suggest you to use second SLT on Gavel in p3, together with Spiritwalker obviously (and second Ascendance).


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      Oh yeah – looks like I let healing rain fall off between the 2:45 and 3 minute mark during phase 2. Definitely should mind that better. Thanks for that reminder.

      I was really stressing out about my Cd usage even though I read up a lot and watched a lot of videos. Since we haven’t really seen phase 3 yet, I think I will still worry until I see it for myself :P. I do have echo, and my plan is to use SLT for the 2nd hammer in phase 2 (we were getting rocked) and then use it again for phase 3 hammer.

      I barely have to move for tempest in phase 1. Its like 2 little movements for the whole thing, which I usually cast RT when I move, then a heal while waiting for the 2nd pulse, then another riptide (since I’m running echo for 2 slt) while I move back. Then I Try to remember to use UL to get over to the stack point for phase 2.

      I love the tip about saving SWG for the knock back in phase 3. That will be awesome – thanks.


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      We still haven’t gotten back to M tyrant  again yet, so I haven’t had a chance to bring new logs, but in the meantime I got the Mythic Leech trinket with a socket from my cashe. Currently I have the Mythic Assault Trinket with a socket equipped. There have been a lot of discussions about this trinket, obviously favoring situations where healing is strained, and there is more constant damage going out. I always hated the thought that it doesn’t pull from our totems and naturally its lame it doesn’t record on logs, but for the sake of progression, rankings are irrelevant. I grabbed the addon to work with recount that Dor listed.

      You guys think I should just use the Leech trinket for this next time?

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      Honestly if you couldn’t care less about the numbers shown on logs/meters then you might as well run with it on every fight due to how insanely strong it is. The addon will show that this trinket allocates ridiculous amounts of healing to you through the leech procced, so as long as you know that it does what it’s supposed to then you shouldn’t be too obsessed what others think. For progress it is definitely the way to go, if you want to run it safe and numbers are meaningless!

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      Thanks Keehn.

      Once we get tyrant on farm our holy pally will switch his stuff up and own us…. so I’ll lose my opportunity to rank on our server… I was hoping to squeeze it in before we get it on farm, but after progression kill :P. I love logs.. but they are also a sickness  >_<   >_< hehe


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