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      735 resto shaman here who has a good idea and understanding on how to play the class, but I feel like I can’t ever push numbers that well even though I know HPS doesn’t mean much nor do ranks but I Feel like I can heal more efficiently and get more out of myself

      – Last nights Tyrant Mythic

      – Last nights Soc


      Is it my trinkets? is it something I’m not doing right? I don’t get it, is it just my other healers are beating me to healing?

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      I’d also like to say that I’m very open to any criticism, I prefer it. If you see something that’s staggeringly bad please say it, I really want to improve on my healing capabilities — I think I’m a smart player, but I feel like there’s so many ways  to improve.

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      Hey jrswish

      Leech is the bane of ‘true’ output for all healers, it will gradually do more and more of whatever potential healing there is as people do more damage and have higher health pools. You using the trinket will not benefit you with anything on meters whatsoever.
      Then you’re not using Ancestral Swiftness, which should be a stronger increase to healing compared to Echo. Echo only gives you an additional cast of a few spells whereas AS will give 5% passive haste and an instant cast spell every 1.5 minutes (strong for sniping and planning ahead).

      Don’t ever cast Earth Elemental… it’s completely worthless in damage and will only result in a loss of 9k mana.

      It looks like you’re running with Glyph of Riptide, this should never be used it will cut a massive portion of your riptide healing and when you get the 4p it will nerf the healing the procced riptides will do. It made me look at your armory and I saw you’re running with the class trinket. Please unequip this right away any other trinket from HFC has more value in my opinion. I saw conductivity and want to say that it should only be picked for Tyrant (explained later).

      Overall Ascendance heals for very little amounts, so reconsider when you pop it and when you do be prepared to cast Chain Heal until it expires for maximum healing gain.

      Be careful not to use Unleash Life when stationary, it will cost you healing in doing so. The spell hits for nothing and despite the buff to your next heal it’s not worth the global when standing still. Focus to use it around movement to get from A to B faster and then have the 30% heal increase as an added benefit when you reach your final destination.

      You’re gifted when playing a Draenei since you have a free heal every 3 minutes, so use it. Gift of the Naaru will accumulate a bit of healing if used on cooldown on a low target.

      First of all you are severely overhealing the encounter. Bringing 4 healers to this fight will make some healers look like shit, paladins and druids are simply sublime at handling the mechanics on this boss. The Gift of the Man’ari is ideal for putting a druid’s Lifebloom or a Paladin’s Beacon and from that gain massive passive healing. Chain Heal is really poor on a fight like this if people fail to stand properly when afflicted by this debuff.
      Cooldowns on this boss do little to no healing, mostly because you overheal as I view it.

      Tyrant Velhari:
      If you want numbers then consider using Conductivity on this fight, it will save you a bit of mana in not having to recast it every 10 seconds, but it will also save you time in the sense where instead of having to recast it, you can cast 2 additional chain heals or whatever. During phase 2 and 3 healing rain should amount to quite a bit of healing.
      The ‘trick’ to getting numbers on Tyrant is how good you are at using cooldowns in phase 2. Believe me your druid gained a ton of healing from Tranquility simply because of popping it during phase 2, otherwise he would never have a ~10 million tranq.

      THIS IS FOR PURE OUTPUT / DICK MOVE: When entering phase 2, as you see hero is being popped just use intellect potion, drop healing rain, pop HTT and Ascendance and spam chain heal (Best during the falling hammer phase) – NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PROGRESS!

      Hope this will help a bit, but please cut down on healers for Socrethar, it’s painful to see it 4-healed. 🙂

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