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      I was wondering what im doing wrong? i always feel like im underperforming and i dont know what to do to improve. So is it something wrong with my spell priority? or is it my gear? well idk heres my log and my gear:

      would love if some could give me answers!

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      Ok, first of all, since you talented Torrent and Echo of Elements, your Riptide-usage is quite low in general.
      See, for example. in Ursoc Myhtic, which was a 5min Fight, you had 32 Riptide casts.
      You could have done about 50 though (300s fight length / 6s Riptide CD = 50 casts).
      You maybe should think about playing Ancestral Guidance in most fights, since its a strong burst CD and Deluge is hard to use properly, if not impossible on most fights (high movement fights). E.g on Nythendra you had 6 Healing Rain casts, which adds up to 1min HR in total. Nythendra fight took a bit over 4 Min, meaning less than 25% uptime on HR (which makes Deluge a lot weaker).

      Dragons of Nightmare: in some trys your dispell count was kinda low. You got Sephuz, and it does proc off from dispel since 7.1.5. So try to get as much dispels as possible. But also try to activate Sephuz with them (on CD, maybe get a Weak Aura). Lightning Surge Totem is also possible, since they are stunable.
      Maybe use ascendance instead of high tide here.

      Since you run two resto shaman (was in the same situation) in your healing team, i feel like your are “stealing” each other the numbers. What i mean by that is, you nearly play identical (EoE and Torrent). This makes your both Mastery and spell usage (e.g. intelligent Chain heal) much worse. Its not like a DPS race, because i talked about stealing numbers, but i mean, it makes you both less effective and efficient.
      We had kind of the same problem and solved it like this: I like more of a burst healing style (like Discipline Priests do), my co-healer likes more of a sustained, constant healing. So i switched to CBT to do the healing for Huge Burst Damage incoming (Odyn: Unerring Blast, Horn of Valor; Ursoc: Roar and Charge), while he still plays EoE.

      And farm some kara: Nightbane trinket and Maiden Drape are awesome 🙂

      Hope i could help you at least a bit, if i talk nonsense somewhere, one might correct me 😀

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      I won’t go into log details as i struggle to go through my own at times lol. What i will say though is your mastery is quite low, at 62%.

      There is only 3 ilvls difference between you and I, your stats are

      Crit – 31% , haste 10%, mastery 62%, and mine are

      Crit – 34%, haste 7%, mastery 90%.

      Personally i try and float around the 100% mark but recently dropped to 90% with the new patch and equipping the legendary gloves. While not an in depth answer if you improve your mastery you should see some improvement at least

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