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      Hey there,

      we´ve killed first 2 Bosses and then tried Council. Council is nearly down. best try ~ 14 %.

      Council is the first boss, which is really complicated to heal with our Setup. Our Lineup is normally 1 Shaman, 1 Druid, 2 Palas and a Discpriest.

      Ya i know, too many healers for 20-man raiding. I think 4 Healers are the way we should go. At these Trys we had 1 Druid, 1 Pala , a random Discpriest and me as a Shaman.

      I have had the problem, that sometime nearly after 2 Minutes all my CD are gone, cuz the Group was droppin very hard.

      I hope i could get some help here with Timing my CDs better. I felt this Boss is very manaintensive. Maybe i could get some advice too.

      The Logs:



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      Well hello there Intoxicated!

      First of all, congratulations on killing both Hellfire Assault and Iron Reaver. And indeed, after those two the difficulty increases slightly. Don’t be too hard on yourself with the four healer setup though. It is very common for the first kill on Council to be five healed instead of four. After the first kill however, that rapidly goes down. Once you get to your second kill, you can immediately drop one healer again (back to four). In fact, I’ve seen a few times now that if a group got Council to a low percentage with four healers. When they added the fifth, it was close to an instant kill. They knew how to deal with everything, but had a little bit more padding in terms of heals. Enough to kill that boss.

      On top of that, there is a few things in this fight that massively affect how much there is to heal. One is dispels. Are people being dispelled too early (leading to many debuffs in the raid), or not at all (leading to deaths)? Or maybe people with debuffs die, or remove them their selves (causing the raid to also have too many debuffs). Secondly, positioning. In the dark/puple phase, the ghosts fly over. In normal and heroic, that’s ok.. you just heal through it. But on mythic, this becomes more problematic. There are a few ‘sweet spots’ in the encounter area, where you never get hit. If they whole raid moves there, this can save you a lot of damage.

      When it comes to cooldowns, it is ok if you run out of cooldowns after two minutes. As long as the other healers pop them to follow up until yours are available again. If this is something you guys struggle with as a team, try using the note (all of you) from Exorsus Raid Tools. Put down when which cooldowns are used by what person. And yes, on proper Council progression (so straining the item level and output versus the difficulty of the raid encounter), you will need to chain the cooldowns as a team.

      Based on the team comp you mentioned, these are the cooldowns you can (at least) work with. Tranquility (druid), Healing Tide (you), Spirit Link (you), Ascendance (you), Avenging Wrath (pala), Devotion Aura (pala), Barrier (disc priest).

      If I look at your best try (wipe 11 – 14%), this is how you used your cooldowns as a group:

      You can see that your Paladin has a tendency to pop both his cooldowns at the same time. I suggest you start splitting those up. Additionally, I want to suggest for you to not use Spirit Link at the same time with Ascendance. I also want to say that even though this may seem from the picture, you don’t overlap HTT/tranq/ascendance. You do overlap ascendance and spirit link. Here’s what your cd rotation could look like as a group (based on 4 healers):

      1. Avenging Wrath (because it has such a short cooldown)
      2. Healing Tide
      3. Spirit Link
      4. Tranquility
      5. Ascendance
      6. Avenging Wrath
      7. Spirit Link
      8. Devo
      9. Barrier
      10. … and repeat

      **edit: I just want to add in that, should you (temporarily) add another healer, you would have even more cooldowns to work with. I don’t often recommend doing this, but I have seen it work for too many groups recently not to mention it.

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