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      Hey, would really appreciate any feedback on this archimonde attempt. Not sure what I can do to get better. When we first get into the nether, we usually have a deathccaller still. One thing I need help with specifically, I know the ranged/healers are supposed to stay near the edges for Dark Conduit but the deathcaller tank always goes out of my range and ends up dying. Not sure where on the edge would be best and if I should ask the tank should go to a different spot or something.

      warcraftlogs the last one is the one in the video.

      youtube vidya (turn volume down at about 20 seconds in; some guy yells)

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      Since we’ve had the same issues on progress I figured I’d chime in… Whenever we still had a deathcaller up at 45% or one is about to come in we stopped DPS on boss and focussed it down before transitioning, same with the doggies after that, ranged kill the leftover dogs while melee transitions boss. If we do happen to still have a deathcaller with us after the transition make sure to have an external CD on the active tank. We usually let the hpal go with the tank there, because I’m sitting in the back channeling a mana pot and waiting for conduits. If your raid decides you should stay in range of the tank I’d say stick to the right side (where the little crack in the floor is, don’t fall in it ^^). Conduits on the left side can be painful with the shitty seething + conduits overlap…

      Hope this was of any help 🙂

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      Hey long time since I 3-healed this boss so hope I can pitch in with anything.

      First of all to deal with transitioning to phase 3 I totally agree with Myth, if you have the option of prolonging phase 2 in return of going into the nether without a deathcaller it will ease entering p3 a bit. Should you be in a position where you go in and you have the Deathcaller with you, just run to either of the sides and get close enough to heal tanks. Like this

      Upon closer look on the logs it seems as though the tank tanking the Deathcaller also tanked Archimonde in p3, he went from 100% to dead in 1,7 seconds. In my experience only the tanks personal or absorbs is able to save him from something like this. Make sure that he isn’t tanking the boss AND the Deathcaller at the same time, it will guarantee these combos, might as well have the ‘free’ tank on Archimonde until the situation has been stabilized. Looks like tanking is the issue, not so much healing (I can see on the footage how fast he dies). Hadn’t he tanked Archimonde while tanking Deathcaller then he wouldn’t have died. Link to the point in the log:

      On this attempt though he died only to the Deathcaller (over a longer period), and it seems like it’s just healing being a bit behind. You were a healer short here and holy paladins have great tank healing while they’re out of range (He died to getting double-tapped by wrought chaos):

      Just eliminate stupid deaths and don’t let tanks hold both Archimonde and Deathcaller in phase 3.

      Hope this shed some light on tanks dying!

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      Hey, thank you both for the help. We just downed him tonight! We ended up with a full health deathcaller when we went down but he stayed in my range so it worked out. We only had 6 people up at the end because someone messed up a conduit with 1% left.

      My healing was pretty shit on the meters that fight because I didn’t manage healing cds well and we 3 healed it. Only ended up using HTT & Ascendance once because I was worried about not having them later on. But I feel like I did okay, the one HTT I did use was pretty clutch. Hopefully we 2 heal it next week to make my mastery work for me.

      WARNING: Nerd screams near end so check the volume.


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      Congrats! 🙂

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      Gratz on your kill :D!

      From what I can see, combat ended after 7 minutes and 50 seconds. When looking at the footage, I could see you holding on to your cd’s indeed. May I make a suggestion for next reset? If your next kill is somewhat similar (in kill times) like this time you can choose to align your cd’s on these moments:

      Phase 1: 0.00 – 0.45

      • Desecrate 0.13-0.52
      • Shadowfel Burst 0.35-0.58

      Phase 2: 0.45 – 2.50

      • Wrought Chaos (1) 0.47 – 1.22
      • Wrought Chaos (2) 1.39 – 2.13
      • Wrought Chaos (3) 2.32 – 3.00

      Phase 3: 2.50 – 7.50

      • Mark of the Legion (1) 3.19 – 3.31
      • Rain of Chaos (1) 3.23 – 3.39
      • Mark of the Legion (2) 4.22 – 4.34
      • Rain of Chaos (2) 4.26 – 4.42
      • Mark of the Legion (3) 5.21 – 5.33
      • Rain of Chaos (3) 5.31 – 5.44
      • Mark of the Legion (4) 6.22 – 6.33
      • Rain of Chaos (4) 6.25 – 6.39
      • Mark of the Legion (5) 7.11 – 7.20
      • Rain of Chaos (5) 7.36 – 7.48

      The third Rain of Chaos is where your group took most damage, and from a ‘safety’ point of view, that is where I would use my Healing Tide. If we work with that principle, cd’s could look like this:

      • 1st Ascendence 0.13 (P1 Desecrate)
      • 1st HTT 1.39 (P2 – 2nd Wrought Chaos)
      • 2nd Ascendence 3.23 (P3 – 1st Rain of Chaos)
      • 2nd HTT 5.31 (P3 – 3rd Rain of Chaos)
      • 3rd Ascendence 6.25 (P3 – 4th Rain of Chaos)

      Now you could fit in another HTT with this kill time, but that would be from an output point of view. If I remember correctly, the highest parses today are made with the first HTT on one of the wroughts anyways.

      Hopefully, this is helpful to you. Once again, congratulations on downing him :).

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