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    I started using my naga mouse a few days ago and trust me this is not an excuse since the results would have been the same. Also id like to say that i enjoy chain heals. But as you can see my numbers are poop. Does anyone have any advice?


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    A few things stick out at me: your riptide usage is low so that is something you could work on. If you don’t have a weak aura (or tell me when) to track it that could be useful. Weave with healing wave and only use healing surges if someone is in danger of dying (unless you have legendary bracers, but you don’t have those). Also on those logs you had too many healers by a mile, that will always suck for you as a resto shaman due to the nature of our mastery (healing more when targets are at low health). Get into the habit of spending tidal waves on healing waves in periods of low damage or when people need spot healing. Some fights are also not chain heal friendly, make sure your chain heals always can bounce if you use them otherwise spot heal instead using healing wave. Start with thses things and see how you get on.

    I’d also suggest swapping out your mastery only trinket for an int stat stick from WQ’s as that will be better for you (or any other raid/dungeon ones you might have that could be useful).

    Read through the guides at the top as well.

    Poke me if you have more questions.


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    If you use a naga mouse or similar. Since i am new to it. I have numbers 1-12 on the side. How would you place your spells to be more efficient?

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    I’m not going to be much help in that departement I’m afraid. I tried converting over to a naga 12 mouse button a couple of years back and it didn’t work for me at all. I still stick mostly to keyboard and only use four buttons on my mouse (left and right and m4 and m5), should add I have a different mouse these days, my naga sits on my other computer.

    Generally speaking any keybinds are fine as long as they work for you. Expirement and see how you do. Use proving grouds to try new things out and re-learn your muscle memory without the stress/fear of messing up in a group.

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    Honestly, it comes down to you actions per minute. You are getting very few casts off.

    I compared out Ursoc kills. We have about the same haste, and yet you got an average of 20.4 casts per minute to my 28.8, and I am far from perfect. This is an easy way to increase HPS, stop cancelling your casts, stop fidgeting around, get more out there! How is the player getting X casts off supposed to beat the player getting 1.5X casts off? That’s kinda how it works.


    Next, as Nihilith said, you are low on Riptide, 15 to my 32 in about the same time window.


    Also, something wonky with your Gift of the Queen usage. My average heal is 1.34m per casts, yours is 439k. Again, we aren’t far off on gear, I believe this is how you are using it. Make sure six targets can benefit from the GotQ cast.


    Make sure stream is down on CD, as long as ANY existing damage is present. I got two more casts off of it.


    For reference, here is the logs that I am comparing yours to.


    Hope this helps!


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    I took everyone advice and i am trying to make improvement. Can i get more feedback please.


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    Looking better!

    Here are some things you can improve on:

    – Riptide is getting better though there’s still some room for improvement. Here is how you calculate it: seconds in a fight (in your case 218 seconds) divide by riptide cd (6 secs) you get 36,3 with Echo you should be able to get a few more in as well.

    – Your healing stream totem usage is low you cast it 3 times, you can get much more use out of it!

    – If you chain heal focus high tide will be more valuable unless you need the extra cd from Ascendance, which it didn’t sem like you needed on that fight since you didn’t cast it once.

    – Healing Rain can be cast more, especially on Ursoc normal since there’s no need to move for miasma. If you have a stacked group for it aim to cast it on cd.

    – You can get more use out of spiritwalker’s grace, for Ursoc aim to use it for each time your group gets charged, if talented (which you are) you will have one for each charge.

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    First thing’s first, for the next time it’d be great if you enabled advanced combat logging (found in systems – network). Since it wasn’t for those kills I can’t check things like talent choices, gear, mana usage etc.

    – You are casting healing surges more than healing waves which will drain your mana very fast. Unless you have the legendary bracers I’d only use healing surges if you need it to save someone from dying, otherwise healing wave is preferred since it heals at base for the same amount and when used with tidal waves charges (as it should be) it is just as fast.

    Out of curiosity, is there a reason you single target heal only? You’re enchanted and gemmed for crit which favours a chain heal centric build and yet you cast very few chain heals. You might find it useful to read through the talent and stat priority sections found in the legion hub at the top of the page.

    I’d also suggest swapping your neck enchant to Mark of the Trained Soldier. The Ancient Priestess one is not very useful to us resto shamans.

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