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      Hello guys,

      Since i have been struggling with a guild that lacked devotion into progress i now found a semi-hc guild that fits me alot more, with whom i will be progressing EN-mythic later this week.

      Due to the fact that i was outhealing everyone at first (in my current guild, wich i’m about to leave), mostly due to my gear advantage i don’t really know if what i was doing is actually the most efficient way to be healing as a resto-shaman.

      I just want to tune what i might be doin wrong without knowing, or fine-tune things that are ok but can be improved.

      I also love the mythic+ pushes, so any suggestions on that (gear/talentwise) is more than welcome

      Is what i can post for now, i logged out this morning still on enhancement spec so can’t link a detailed armory.

      Will logout as resto from now on so if you were to take a look, you have the correct information.

      Thanx in advance!


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      Hey jimtheshaman,

      I will answer your question in regards to “I also love the mythic+ pushes, so any suggestions on that (gear/talentwise) is more than welcome” before I go over your logs. When it comes to any form of progression raiding your best stat is almost always going to be Mastery because of people being at much lower health pools due the fight being more difficult / more overall damage being done to the raid group. Other than that the only difference that may come into play is Versatility as it is one of the most underestimated Restoration Shaman stats as of rite now. Most people would consider it a useless stat despite the fact that the increase in healing is effected by your mastery; I’m sure you can see where aI am going with this. Whether you want to weigh Critical Strike or Versatility over one another, especially in a progression situation is entirely up to you, and I don’t feel you could go wrong either way.

      I am not in a progression guild as I cannot find the time to commit many hours a week to raiding, so my actual in-game experience is made up mostly of PvP game play (arena / rated BG) and being 3/7 Heroic EN which is admittedly pretty far behind. With that aside, I know the class extremely well inside and out and enjoy the theory-crafting aspect of the game so I will give you my honest / educated opinion when looking over your logs.

      One thing I like to note before going over any logs: Do not base your healing entirely off of “heals per second”. Heals per second or HPS, is a pretty inaccurate way of determining someone’s overall healing “skill” as HPS has a lot more to do with the opportunity the fight is giving you in regards to healing than your actual healing “skill” so to say. An example would be: Shaman A is in a 25-man progression raiding guild where everyone is going to be taking tons of damage; Shaman B is more geared and is clearing already downed content with his 10-man guild. Shaman A will probably end up doing more healing than Shaman B even though it is the same fight and Shaman B is more geared. The reason being, Shaman A is going to have a lot more healing potential, the more players taking damage, the more healing that can be done; The lower people’s health are, the stronger / more healing you will do. Having more people at low health typically means your Healing Rain will always be hitting 10 people, your Chain Heal will always have hurt players to fully bounce to, your HST / HTT will have more people to heal, etc. Now this isn’t an excuse for someone that is doing half of other healer’s healing. All healers should be relatively close in overall healing done depending on the situation, but if you feel like your not performing as well as you should be it is much better to get your logs analyzed by someone like me than it is to blame the situation you are in for your low healing.

      The fight I chose to analyze is the Heroic Dragons of Nightmare kill; The fight lasted 5:43 or 343 seconds. When playing a Restoration Shaman, especially in a raid environment, you want to execute as much healing as possible as efficiently as possible.  Efficiently is a very key word here, and I will be going over your efficiency the most. Now I am going to take into account that you are already working on or are about to start Mythic raid progression and that 343 seconds is a fairly quick kill for this boss, so this fight on heroic may have been pretty easy for your guild and maybe you weren’t being as efficient as possible because you knew it was going to be an easy clear, which is understandable, but for the sake of making sure you understand the correct way to do things, I am going to analyze this specific fight as if you were in a progression stage as you will be very soon.

      One thing you should always look for is using Healing Rain and Healing Stream Totem off cool down. They are both extremely efficient heals compared to there mana cost, and best of all, they are entirely passive healing once cast. Considering your fight was 343 seconds, you had the opportunity to realistically cast Healing Stream Totem 10-11 times, and Healing Rain about 25-30 times taking cast time into consideration. Looking at your logs I can see you used Healing Stream Totem 9 times which is fine. Maybe you had some downtime in between casts and you decided the last one was too close to the end of the boss fight for it to be important; Totally explainable. Your up time on this spell is for the most part good. Now when we look at Healing Rain we can see you used it 4 total times. This is extremely low considering how long the fight was. Now, I do know DoN is a fight where people are split into groups and semi spread apart so Healing Rain’s efficiency may be questionable, but even in a situation where it is dropped on or nearby your tank and is only hitting a couple other mele DPS, it is entirely worth the cast time to be placed. This is something I would strongly recommend you take into consideration. If you are running Cloudburst Totem, (which I recommend you do), you should pair it with your Healing Stream Totem and always use them in conjunction with each other so you do not forget.

      Now I am going to look at your Riptide usage. One common misconception is that Riptide should just be maintained as a HoT and this is entirely not true. Riptide’s initial heal is very strong (especially when paired with the Tier 1 talent Torrrent, which it should be) considering it is an instant cast spell with a low cool down and mana cost. Riptide should be used off cool down for two reasons aside from it being one of your most efficient heals. As a general note you want to maintain the Riptide HoT on your tanks at all times. When Riptide is back off cool down and both your tanks still have the HoT, you want to use it on the current player with the lowest health that doesn’t currently have the Riptide HoT. This will cause your mastery to make the initial heal as strong as possible as well as spread your HoT to another player which leads to more passive healing. The second reason why you should be using Riptide off cool down is to obtain Tidal Waves charges. I am going to assume you know what Tidal Waves are, but if you do not, you gain 1-2 charges (depends on talent choice) of Tidal Waves every time you cast Riptide, and 1 charge every time you cast Chain Heal. These Tidal Waves give you a buff that reduces the cast time of your next Healing Wave by 30% and increases the Critical Strike chance of your next Healing Surge by 40%. You can only have up to 2 stacks at a time, so you want to be sure to make use of them before you cast Riptide or Chain Heal again so you do not waste them.

      Now I am going to look at your Healing Wave and Healing Surge usage. You should never use Healing Wave or Healing Surge outside of a Tidal Waves charge. Yes, I said that correctly. Your #1 heal of choice should almost 100% of the time be Healing Wave. Healing Wave is basically a Healing Surge but with a much longer cast time and much lower mana cost. When you use your Tidal Waves the cast time no longer becomes a problem and you basically have a Healing Surge with a much lower mana cost. Yes, it will not have the bonus Critical Strike chance that Tidal Waves gives Healing Surge, but what you have to realize is, even with the Tidal Waves buff, Healing Surge is not a 100% chance to  crit, it is very high, but not 100%. Even when Healing Surge does crit, when compared to the healing you will do with Healing Wave it does not become worth the mana cost. Restoration Shamans are not healers that should be doing single target burst healing / topping off all throughout the fight, if that’s what you’re looking for then go play a Holy Priest / Paladin. Restoration Shamans become strong when it’s at the very end of a fight, everyone is low on HP and you’re about to wipe, but you managed your mana and cool downs properly and single handedly bring the raid back to a safe level. Your healing is strongest when everyone is low, you play conservative and efficient now so you can spend your mana / cool downs when everyone is low. That is the nature of a Restoration Shaman whether you like it or not. With  all this taken into consideration your healing would be as follows: Riptide > Healing Wave > Healing Wave >. Riptide > Healing Wave > Healing Wave > etc. You do this while maintaining your HST and Healing Rain. Your Healing Waves should always be used on the person with the least amount of health to make the most use out of your mastery.

      So now I will take a look at your Chain Heal usage. The general way you want to use Chain Heal is when multiple people are very low on health. The lower they are, the more value you get out of using Chain Heal. CH is an extremely mana expensive spell so you only want to use it when you feel you are going to get the rite amount of value out of it, now the amount that you are looking for is something I can’t really put on paper. I can’t say, “‘only Chain Heal when X amount of players are at X% of health and within X range of each other” as it would be too ridiculous to try and manage something like that. Once you get the basic spell weave down I believe the difference between a good shaman and a great shaman is knowing when to properly use Chain Heal. If less than 6 people are under 75% health I would not consider Chain Heal worth using unless you know those players are within Chain Heal bounce range. If you have 2 charges of Tidal Waves I would not consider Chain Heal worth using. You should never be in a situation where you cast Chain Heal more than twice simultaneously. Between casting Healing Rain and Healing Stream Totem off cool down, using Riptide off cool down, and making use of every single Tidal Wave you shouldn’t have much time to spam Chain Heal. Whenever I see a combat log of a Restoration Shaman and their Chain Heal is almost 30% of there overall healing done I can almost guarantee they are playing incorrectly / inefficiently.

      Lastly I will go over your cool down usage. Cool down usage goes a lot more in depth than just using your cool downs when heavy damage comes out. Let’s say for example in your 343 second fight a large amount of damage comes out about 200 seconds into the fight and you need to use a major cool down such as Healing Tide Totem. Healing Tide Totem is on a 3 minute or 180 second cool down. This means you could have used Healing Tide Totem once within the first 20 seconds of the fight, and still had it ready to use again 200 seconds in. It is still fairly early into EN and most guilds are just now getting into mythic progression so not many shamans may be using there cool downs as efficiently as possible yet and that is totally understandable. I have come up with some good cool down patterns for Nythendra and Ursoc so far and I plan on sharing them once I get a few more bosses down. You got both Healing Tide Totem and Ancestral Guidance out twice which I would say is fine. The only time I get a bit upset is when I see fights that go over 4 minutes and each major cool down was only used one time. I feel like you could have gotten more uses out of these spells, but I wouldn’t worry yourself over it too much until you are doing mythic progression and  you know how long each specific fight is lasting based on the damage your group is doing. Just remember to keep this in mind and look out for it while you are progressing. I’ll talk about Gift of the Queen a bit. You should use it close to off cool down mainly due to the fact that it is a great AoE heal that has no mana cost. You can save it for a bit if you know a decent amount of AoE damage is about to come out.

      Overall I would say you are doing decent overall healing but you are being extremely inefficient with your mana. I would’t believe you if you told me you weren’t having mana issues while spamming Chain Heal and Healing Surge as much as you are. I highly recommend you work on healing much more efficiently as you are going to really benefit from it once you get into mythic raiding. A few points I would recommend for you to look into is:

      •Start using Riptide off cool down (assuming you do not have any Tidal Waves)

      •Make use of every single Tidal Waves; preferably with a Healing Wave

      •Do not cast Healing Wave / Surge outside of Tidal Waves

      •Only Chain Heal when you are going to get a good amount of healing out of it (remember, the lower the health the stronger / more efficient the heal will be)

      •Try to use Healing Rain off cool down, even if it wont hit 10 people

      Hopefully you make the most out of what I have told you and put it to good use. If you would like, put these steps into practice on your next couple of raids and I will look over one of your new logs and see how you have improved. Feel free to PM me on here if you have any questions.

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