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      Hello all,

      I need some help with my resto shaman, I’ve been healing since Wrath an up to this point now in Legion my healing as turned for the worst and has gone down significantly. I have been even struggling to surpass another shammy that just recently came back an is also in lower ilvl then me as well.

      I tried out different talent builds and stat priorities but it seemed that none of them actually worked out well, I can still just find myself at the bottom of the meter’s fighting with the tanks..

      If you have any suggestions or of use of different addons or anything to help my healing get better im all ears.

      Thank you,


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      I moved your reply to its own topic as to not clutter someone else’s thread.

      Hello there! I apologise that it’s taken so long for you to get a reply, life has been well, life, as it so often can be. I took the liberty of looking through the logs from the 4th of January. Below I’ll line up some of the things that I feel could be improved upon. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

      – Your Riptide usage is low. As a general rule, you want to aim to cast Riptide on cooldown. To calculate this we take the number of seconds in a fight and divide it by the cooldown of Riptide. For example, on your Ursoc kill that fight lasted 149 seconds if we divide that by the cooldown of Riptide (6 seconds) we get roughly 24 on that fight you managed 9. Since you’ve selected both Torrent and Echo as a talent that’s a lot of potential healing that’s wasted by not casting it on CD. If you have issues with keeping track of its cooldown setting up a Weak Aura or TellMeWhen can greatly help you to keep track of it.

      – You’re talented with Graceful Spirit but I feel like you get more use out of your Spiritwalker’s Grace. Remember you can cast it whilst you are casting other spells as well to help you keep moving whilst you’re already healing.

      – I notice you’re casting a lot of chain heals yet you’re talented into Ascendance. It would be more useful to play into your play style by choosing High Tide instead. Think of it like this: if you’re mostly (or only) using single target heals (Wave/Surge) then High Tide will not be as useful. If you’re mostly casting chain heals then strengthening that would serve you better. A fight like Dragons is where Ascendance could be more useful since you’re (as a general rule) casting more single target heals due to people being more spread. To check yourself if you’re getting good use out of chain heal you can take the number of bounces (hits) and divide by the number of casts you want the number to be as close to 4 (5 if talented High Tide) for it to be effective healing.

      – Your casts per minute (CPM) are low. This tells me you’re not following the principle of AlwaysBeCasting (ABC). For general spell weaving you generally want to think of it like this:

      • Cast Riptide on CD
      • Cast Healing Stream Totem on CD
      • Cast Healing Rain on CD if you have a stacked group of players and there’s some incoming damage.

      Weave (fill) with the following:

      • Healing Wave for spot healing or in low damage situations.
      • Healing Surge for emergencies only (it has a high mana cost so you don’t want to use it unless it’s absolutely necessary unless you have and use the legendary bracers, in which case make sure you have the buff).
      • Chain Heal in moderate to high damage situations where several targets have taken damage.

      If you find there’s not much to heal you can always deal damage instead to keep the AlwaysBeCasting mentality flowing. Just be mindful that Flame Shock and Lava Burst have high mana costs, Lightning Bolt is, however, free of charge.

      – You could get more use out of Gift of the Queen, on some fights, there’s not a single Gift of the Queen cast.

      – I also noticed you’re talented into Deluge. Now, on a fight where you can make good use out of Healing Rain and with the legendary boots (I noticed you have them) you can use it, however, Ancestral Guidance is still arguably a more solid choice in this tier.

      – Practice maximising your cooldowns. Unless you’ve been asked by your raid/healing lead to save a cooldown for a specific phase try to get more use out of your cooldowns, on some fights I noticed that you didn’t use them at all. If there is a specific reason for this do let me know.

      These are some general guidelines to help get you started, if you have any specific questions regarding anything just let me know. You can also check out our two new Beginner Series articles (found on the front page). You may find information in there that will prove helpful to you. And most important: don’t forget to have fun! You are playing the most awesome class after all 🙂

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