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      So I was thinking about changing to MW monk for healing this next expansion, but getting a feel for the changes. The removal of soothing mist alone has kind of got me staying put.

      I’m Intrigued but Outraged that Paladins get a cool ‘Pick-your-own’ CD with Aura Mastery.

      What are other people’s thoughts about the other healing classes?

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      I realize now the title is ‘Mistweaver monk’ and I can’t change it… but I didn’t want to talk only about MW, I wanted to talk about healer changes in general

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      Changed the subject for you. Is this better?

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      I am finding the changes to the MW Monk to be appealing to me with the removal of Chi and fistweaving. I never found those two features rewarding and as such my MW Monk has been languishing un-touched for a long time now. I logged him in last night to poke around but I don’t think there’s much merit in doing so at this point.

      But that spec does look to have all the perks of a Resto Shaman but generally better, albeit at the expense of utility which R Shaman are largely losing anyway (no more elementals, no more interrupts etc) so all in all the MW Monk is a compelling option.

      I was considering a Resto Druid as I’ve never played one, but I’ve been doing a bit of research and they seem to be a bit more pro-active in their healing. One of the big perks for the Resto Shaman for me is that it’s very reactive which fits with my aging reflexes :p
      MW Monks seem slightly more proactive in regards to a few set ups but nowhere near what HoT management for Druids is or shielding is for Disc Priests.

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        I agree that Mistweaver Monk sounds awesome on paper, but the upcoming totem changes may offset the ‘grass is greener’ effect. I like the idea of an elemental being a guardian rather than a totem, and wonder if it will be a bit like the lock guardians. It seems tempting to switch away from Resto Shaman, but having hip-hopped between healing classes (granted older classes e.g. Paladin, Priest) it feels like a mistake to do so for me.

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          I agree, there could be a number of factors that make changing mains a poor idea, and every expansion I do look at other healing classes but keep coming back to my Resto Shaman, whom I’ve been playing as my main since the last half of Wrath.

          From what I understand though, Resto Shaman do not have our elementals in Legion… I hope I’m wrong or that’s a data mining error as losing them strikes me as sad.

          I haven’t seen the Resto Artefact talent tree yet, that will certainly make an impact on how the spec plays.

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            Yeah that’s what we’re waiting for too.. and even then there’s a lot that can change before it actually goes live. Our talent tree wasn’t even completed in beta form yet. So we’ll see!

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      One of the things I enjoy about my Resto Shaman is the utility that he has, outside of basic healing. Interrupting and purging buffs, using my Fire Elemental for extra dps and my Earth Elemental to do a bit of tanking if a tank goes down and is getting a battle rez, slowing adds that need to be slowed (such as on Gorefiend) with Earthbind Totem and/or Capacitor Totem, and so on. And my raid leader has expressed his appreciation for my doing things like that, which is nice because I enjoy that “supplemental” gameplay.

      It’s that utility that I’ve missed the most when playing other healing classes. But Resto is losing a lot of that it seems, and not gaining very much in straight up healing. If healers in Legion are being funneled into more pure healing with less utility, Resto Shaman will really feel that loss and I may as well choose a class that excels at the straight healing game.

      Of course I realise that datamined info is by no means likely to make it into the game in the form we see it. Perhaps I’m just getting antsy in waiting for more info to come to light in how my long-time main will be in Legion!

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        Don’t worry we will still have some utility to bring for the raid. Look at the Wind Rush totem, granting a stampeding roar to everyone within 10 yards of the totem and it only has a minute cooldown (Subject to change of course). This tool will almost guarantee a raid spot for resto shamans on fights where high movement is required.

        I feel all the utility we have now might act as a clutter effect for non-experienced players and it is a massive increase in difficulty to play the class and to utilize our utility fully if you are just starting. It will add simplicity to the class for newer players and yes might remove some value for more experienced players, but being new and confused about all these totems you’re going to like the removal of them. This removal will also open up for resto shamans to be more selfish and focus far more on their healing game compared to looking for interrupts, stuns, slows or freedom all the time.

        We have far more tools than other healers have atm, making us superior to bring when you lack the dps/tank classes to handle that utility. For raw output there is no way to compare healers on beta right now due to it not at all being close to balanced.

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      I’m sure you’re quite right. While I generally seek for change, I (perhaps perversely) do not manage it all that well!
      Who knows, perhaps I will be glad for the freedom from interrupts, slows, and purges. I can see how a healer having strong tools in that area can be punishing, for if the healer is assigned that duty in, for example an interrupt rotation, having to choose between hitting that interrupt or getting of a vital heal is not much of a rewarding choice for the player. So I can understand the “if these are not vital abilities, why have them” reasoning (though they are great tools for dungeons where the collective range of abilities is smaller, the “Swiss knife” toolkit a Resto Shaman brings is hugely valuable.

      I’m eagerly looking forward to the next round of updates on the spec.

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