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      My Hps is Really bad in mythic fight’s, that is my logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11205457/latest#boss=0&metric=hps

      Armory : http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/azralon/Guidance/advanced
      i’m at Mannoroth i got like 150 try; and can’t do much more than 40k hps. Best Try is 18%

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      Hey there, sorry for a pretty late review, school had piled up for this week. That being said let’s get started with this review.

      First of all it looks like you are overhealing some of the bosses and that will of course lead to lesser healing done by all healers, although having smaller impact on paladins and disc priests. Getting cooldowns recked by priests pre-shielding the entire group is not a nice feeling.

      On some fights riptide use is a bit behind, it’s not by a lot but there is still some room for slight improvements. Getting used to casting this whenever it is ready will become even more important come legion, since we hopefully will spend a lot more time early on in the content casting single target heals.
      Healing Stream Totem seems alright on some fights and off by quite a bit on others, getting this down and consistent will also provide with additional output.
      Elemental Blast uptime seems okay with somewhat of a steady 30% uptime, but then again it comes down to how you feel your mana is if you should use it more or you could save yourself the cast once in a while and cast a heal instead.

      You should look at how you spend your mana on fights, the mana curves look like they could use a bit more of optimization. Ending a fight on anything above oom is wasted potential healing, and thus trying to squeeze out every last drop is essential for pulling out those additional small numbers. Chain Heal could maybe be prioritized higher? Seeing as on Gorefiend you ended the fight with more than 110k mana left. That opens up for quite some more aggressive gameplay. Utilizing mana to the fullest is what makes a great healer, getting the hang of it will take time, but knowing how aggressive you can be with mana during a fight or after an attempt will help pull up numbers.

      I think you could benefit more from Spiritwalker’s Grace on pretty much all fights if you glyphed it to have a shorter cooldown and duration. You rarely encounter a situation where having it up for 20 seconds would be benefitial for you. It would’ve been nice to have it more often on say Gorefiend or Tyrant, running with Doom or fire, shadow, ground thing on Tyrant more frequently will free up quite a bit of active time.
      You should try to not cast Unleash Life while stationary, the spell in itself is not strong enough compared to other options when you have the option to stand still either way. The direct heal is pretty weak, the only thing making this spell worthwhile is the movement speed you gain while on the move. The added healing increase is just an added bonus from my perspective.

      Cooldowns are on the lower end, although you would benefit a lot from controlling the ring since you will double dip from it compared to a discipline priest. Only direct healing will add to the absorb effect placed on the group when the effect expires, this means that popping it with a throughput cooldown will make for the biggest shields possible. Of course it is a bit of a whorish move, but it will increase numbers. Making sure that you are not ruining the other healer’s cooldowns by popping too many at once or the dpriest being an a-hole and pre-shielding the group could be a way of increasing the numbers from cooldowns alone. Also make sure that you always pop them when the need is highest, every boss have an ability or two that requires tons of healing, plan it for those.
      I noticed that Ascendance is a bit low on some attemps, doing 50-100k on a couple pulls. Ascendance can require a bit of a setup before to benefit 100% from it. Would be nice eto cast ele blast and then follow up with a healing rain, pop Ascendance and go full retard on chain heal spam.

      Hope it shed just a little bit of light 🙂

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      I get a little better using the ring with my healing CDs; I did not play with healing spec since wotlk.
      I guess i cast ghost wolf more than necessary, and still can’t make good use of my healing cds. But now, I know where I need to improve.
      Thank You

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