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    Hello πŸ™‚

    I recently started playing Resto Shaman. (Moved from elemental to resto)

    Now I did a little bit of raiding on itemlevel 895-899 and I am doing really low HPS.
    My HPS is mostly about 300k with a couple of fights being a little higher.

    I don’t have any healing logs to provide, but was wondering if there were any general tips.

    I am using the chain heal build (high tide etc.) since we’ve got a priest and paladin as other healers.

    Ofcourse I do understand that logs are quite important with these kind of questions, but I hope some of you more experienced players can give me some general advice on getting more HPS.

    I had a little bit of mana problems before, but those are gone quite a bit since my new trinket (880 Amalgam’s 7th spine). At the moment I am trying to get my crit% to about 25% and about 10% more mastery.
    This way I can spam a bit more and do a bit more healing.

    Like I said, any tips are welcome even if they are really general.


    Thanks alot in advance! πŸ˜€

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    Most generel stuff:
    * Always be casting; you don’tΒ always have to be healing, if there isn’t any to be done, dps.
    * Coordinate CD’s with your other healers.
    * Use ALL you micro CD’s when they are ready (Healing rain, CBT, EST)
    * Plan for your use of CBT and if needed use a “filler” CD such as AG or Ascendance (when using AG with CBT, make sure to “pop” it while AG is active)
    * Use your Tidal Waves, Healing wave is your best friend

    But remember shamans are not made to be on top of the meter, we save the raid when in need πŸ™‚
    The top atm is made for palas and druids πŸ˜›

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