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      Not sure where to begin. some days its amazing other days im getting kicked from raids.

      Not so good:  https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/HtbKCQ7qcy2Vz1mg/

      Very good: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/CHq4JwaVFmPAnz6c/

      not sure where the inconsistency is, but im also still looking it over.

      Thanks everyone

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      Hi Sobeitup!

      Welcome to our site. Sorry to hear you’re getting kicked from raids, that is no fun. Hopefully, we can provide you with a few pointers to help you on your way. First of all, I’m going to make the disclaimer that heroic logs are difficult to analyze. The damage taken from intended boss damage versus actual damage taken is often distorted. As a result, the optimal time to use your cd’s as a healer becomes a lot less cookie cutter (standard).

      The last few days I’ve been raiding incognito on my 710ish resto shaman alt. While doing so, I found myself in a few unsuccessful Kilrogg heroic pug runs. Point is, I can feel your pain :P. I wish I had logged, so we could have compared. Alas I didn’t, so we’ll go through it the traditional way.

      So I ran through your logs, and there are two things that stand out to me.

      Stay with your spell weave

      Our core spellweave (of a somewhat geared person) looks like this:

      • On cooldown: riptide, healing stream, and (somewhat) elemental blast);
      • Fillers (in decreasing priority): chain heal, healing surge, healing wave (oom last resort-ish);

      Your default spell is chain heal. If someone is getting hit by something specific (a dot or ability), you can easily justify healing surge, especially when someone is located by him/herself (no chain heal bounces). On Kilrogg this often means healing targets that got hit by heart seeker with healing surge.(which does damage on impact and leaves a nasty dot – while they’re running away from the group). However, when they get back to the group, they can be your target for chain heal again. Since they’re health will probably be sub 100% due to the dot ticking, and you mastery being allowed activate more than on a target with 95%+ hp.
      To get back to the point, sometimes I see this spellweave in your logs. You’re casting riptide, chain heal, healing stream and even elemental blast in an organized and repeating pattern. Then something happens, and the structure is lost. There was one log in which this was very evident. You stopped everything you did (normal spellweaving) and started spamming healing surge. Now this can happen of course, but that could have been a great moment to use healing tide. Hey, damage is deviating from what is normal – sh** hits the fan: let’s use a cooldown!

      Plan your cooldowns in advance

      As a shaman, you’re the king of cooldowns. Healing Tide, Ascendance and Spirit Link. Now I’m going to leave spirit link out of the equation since it concerns damage mitigation more than it concerns output. In your logs, I’m missing the use of cooldowns at a few occasions. Before each fight, think about when you can fit them in. My personal preference is to prepot with intellect, and start a rather aggressive chain heal spam with healing stream on pull. Then I pop healing tide once the first Death Throes (yellow swirlies) comes in. Personal trick, if you prepull the cooldown slightly (so a split second before the damage comes in) other healers are less tempted to pull cooldowns themselves *wink wink*. I cast Ascendance on the second Death Throws and work from there (just spam chain heal during ascendance). I can usually turn an intellect potion + instant cast chain heal (ancestral swiftness) and healing stream totem (all well timed) into another death throws cooldown. This should give you a solid lead / start on the meters.

      To summarize:

      • Stick to your spellweave. If something happens, deal with it and return to your spellweave after.
      • Preplan your cooldowns, and make sure to use them. Shamans are cooldown dependent, and right now you’re losing out on valuable cooldown output.
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      Thanks alot will look into it and keep at it, thanks for all the detail. and what you said about heroics and logs i didn’t know that.



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