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      hi all, i am new here,  figured id see if i could get some advice on some fights.

      some i do alright, but since our other healers have been getting geared i find less and less to heal and everyone seems to be pulling ahead of me on some fights. I know hps aren’t everything but it is nice to be up there haha.

      this might just be due to my mastery not being as useful(less and less dmg as  guys get geared” or because we are running to many heals for heroics now. We are just getting into mythics now so maybe ill bounce back up now.

      hardest fight i have a rough time on is cenarius, here is the log:


      im around 26% crit        105% mastery       6% haste      2% vers

      my main questions are:

      *is there something i should be doing differently?i know sometimes i tend to forget about gift of the queen)

      *with the other heals i run with is there a build i should be sticking to especially since we have 2 druids?

      *or do i just need to wait until we get into mythics next week so my mastery is kicking in a bit more

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