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      Recently my raid leader has told me that he thinks my HPS is too low… and I am wondering is he right? If so, would someone be able to take a look at my recent logs and give me any thoughts on what they’re seeing?

      Any feedback would be amazing, no matter how small. I know my GotQ/HST uptime might not be 100% and I am trying to improve on that with some annoying WAs.

      Maybe even my gear is playing a role here… My mastery might not be high enough right now (I know it should be at least 90% when right now it’s 77%. On the other hand I have a lot of crit. Would it be worth just equipping more mastery gear?

      I’ve always been someone who plays more intuitively than anything else… I’ve never been very good at theorycrafting or reading logs and it’s hard for me to really use logs to my advantage, though if anyone has any good parses for Chronomatic Anomaly I can compare myself to, I’d really appreciate it!

      Also in your opinions would it be worth using Cloudburst for this encounter and do you use it yourself? I’m trying to use CBT more often but I wasn’t sure how good it’d be for this fight.

      Anyway sorry for rambling on… here are my logs from Chronomatic Anomaly (I’m Neps). I was assigned to heal the smaller group that deals with the adds that spawn on the right. We were using Warlock portals to get there and back, but I also specced into Wind Rush to help with mobility… this means less SWG though, which’ll probably mean a little less healing on my part as well… the melees seemed to be fine even without it since most of them have their own movement speed increases, so next raid I’ll probably spec into Graceful Spirit just to help myself a bit more due to all the movement required.

      Oh right… logs!


      If you’re feeling extra bored right now you can also check out our log from heroic NH and Mythic Skorpyron kill:


      Thank you in advance for any feedback.


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      CBT would be useful especially against [Time Release]. To gain more mastery should be your first priority for your items. You should also look for the T19 2/4. Why did you picked [Ascendance]?

      Maybe you should try to make some decisions. If you want to heal single-target you should try [Ascendance]+T19(2/4) as well as [Echo of the Elements] or you could focus on group-heal with CBT, [High Tide] and your legendaries.

      Your logs say that you had 50% overheal with [Healing Tide], thats a lot! Your use of [Healing Surge] is exhaustive. I know Jonats is cool but you do not have to be top notch efficient with [Chainheal] even though it would be perfect it is no easy goal to accomplish. Even with more mastery that playstyle would not result in better HPS* considering that mastery benefits from low-to-lowest HP.

      Try to cut the use of [Healing Surge], relay on [Chainheal] and [Riptide]/[Tidal Waves]+[Healing Wave] more often. The logs you linked show that even for druids, your colleagues had much overheal too. The fight was short and that is a hell to generate HPS due to the overlap of CDs such as Tranq or HT. If you want a better HPS try to cut the overheal for all healers and shift CDs with other healers. Healing Raiding is all about teamwork!

      *HPS is not the way to measure a good healer!

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      Hi Pramaxis thanks for the speedy reply!

      At the beginning of the raid I started off with High Tide but because I was healing a side alone during explosions and since things got a bit dicey I wanted more cooldowns, which is why I switched to Ascendance after a while. I do prefer to run with High Tide normally and if anything changes I’ll switch back. I don’t think I can solo heal my side without Ascendance and AG, though I might give it a try next raid to begin with. I’m even saving Spirit Link for those points right now, but maybe we’re having too many explosions if I’m feeling forced to save nearly all my CDs for that. I’m not too sure, it might be that I just need to be better with movement and spec into Graceful Spirit so I’ve always got SWG up as well.

      I’ll switch to CBT next raid and see how well I can time it up against the Time Release debuffs. Would save me using a HTT to heal all the debuffs which I now realise isn’t necessary at all anyway. I just tend to panic a bit.

      Panicking is also why I’m using far too many Surges. I spot heal a lot. I should be more comfortable just using Chain Heal and HWs if needed. Since our raids don’t have Paladin healers, I feel like I’m sorta trying to fill their role sometimes.

      As for mastery, yeah… I realised after looking at my gear I had far too little lately. I’ll definitely have more next time, even if it means having to equip a few slightly lower ilevel items. I still have no T19 pieces as the guild’s prioritising DPS first for those and haven’t had any luck with coins yet. I think right now the leadership in my guild is focusing a bit too much on HPS to measure us as healers, but still definitely worth seeing where I can improve in that case.

      This is all great feedback and I appreciate it! If anyone else has any thoughts I’m all ears.

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      1. Like pram said, you’re over using healing surge (which kills your mana), not as much tough since you pair it with the wrist, but still.

      2. Like  pram said => [Riptide]/[Tidal Waves]+[Healing Wave] is much more efficient mana wise and will give you more stacks on Jonat’s since HW+TW = shorter than HS.

      3. Like you said you’re trying to spot heal, if you prefer spot healing Undo is better then Torrent (but i would keep torrent for this fight).

      4. You should try to use CBT like you mentioned, it’ll give me nice HPs (you just need to practice it a little) => start here: https://chainheal.com/resto-shaman-guide-on-how-to-maximize-cloudburst-totem-cbt/

      5. About Ascendance, i am pretty sure high tide will give you much better HPS, in raid scenarios.


      And the most important thing is, i looked at the 3 tries 4 mins, 4:20-4:35~ and in all of those you used your healing tide only once, you should be able to drop it twice in the length, also you only used Earthren totem 1-2 times per fight when you should have used it around 3-5 times.


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      Hi Shamdi thanks for replying. The Cloudburst guide is useful, I’ve taken a look at it before but if I’m going to use it more often it’s definitely good to revisit… I still had it in my head that it didn’t include overhealing, it’s amazing if it does now.

      I’ll definitely be using High Tide for this fight now, I normally do use it but I was switching to Ascendance for this fight to see if it helped my side survive better… I’ll also see if I can use HTT earlier so I can use it again later, definitely will help my HPS a lot if I can drop it twice!

      As for Earthen Shield I’ll have a look around and make a WA for it, since I know I tend to be a bit forgetful of this one and I would like to keep using it for this fight at least.

      And yes… way less Healing Surges, I’ll make sure of that too, haha. It does make more sense to keep my TW up and use more HWs.

      Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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      let us know how your next raid goes.

      Also you mentioned, you were going with a smaller group to kill the 2nd add.

      How small is that group? if it’s more than you +3 more then you shouldn’t be healing that alone since 5 healers on 20 man is ~4 per healer.


      Also consider that while you’re focusing on this smaller group your other healers gets to heal the rest of the raid which would probably give them more HPS since it’s more heals.

      You can always ask to be with the major group since you do much better in group heals than a smaller group with spot healing, maybe a druid would be better there?


      Another this mentioned above => HPS is not the way to measure a good healer!

      Higher hps can mean better sniping of heals during the fight, if your other healers are crying for innervates all the time that’s probably what they are doing.

      Looking at your skorp kill and 3 best anomally wipes, only your druids are getting innervates while you never get them, meaning they spend more mana = usually more HPS (even if it’s mostly overheal/sniping).

      At all 3 fights your druids were almost out of mana while you had at least 50% or so, meaning if the fight would go on for another minute their hps will drop and yours will rise, that’s why you *never* check none kills for values

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      We’re raiding tonight, hopefully we’ll kill Chronomatic Anomaly and then I guess it’s on to Trilliax.

      It’s true I never get innervates – I’ve never actually asked for one. 😛

      I was going with the smaller group and healing it alone, I think I had 4-5 others with me sometimes and that’s why I struggled and ended up going with Ascendance to cope a bit better, I also needed to use Spirit Link on that group when explosions became almost unmanageable. I think people were also getting hit by the blue orbs a lot, which definitely didn’t make my job easier since I have to move a lot myself. I think towards the latter half of the raid they decided to switch to 5 healers and have another one go with me. If I have another healer with me and/or if there’s less people I should be fine.

      Mostly I’m just gonna focus on timing my Cloudbursts to deal with the Time Release debuffs that go all over the raid, since I don’t want to waste my Healing Tides on them.

      I know HPS isn’t that important, it’s just for some reason my guild’s a bit preoccupied with it at the moment and they’ve basically told me off for it… it’s silly, I know. They’ll get over it and move on to something else soon enough, but I’ve got some great feedback here in the meantime which is nice. I’ll let you know how the raid goes.

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      Update: We managed to kill the boss (but didn’t get many pulls on Trilliax, we should get him next week). We ended up 5 healing it.

      Log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qtWQTpMV4wy2hx3k#type=healing&fight=26&source=23

      I’m quite sure we might’ve been doing something differently to other guilds – our kill took very long and I was completely dry by the end of it. Still healed 1 side alone with about 5-6 people in total, so I might’ve burned a bit of my mana there. I know I’ve still got to work on Earthen Shield Totem uptime as well as my HST uptime (both were pretty dreadful) but I felt better about today’s pulls and will try and implement the advice given here. Should hopefully come with practice. 😀 thanks again guys and ofc feel free to leave any comments if you have any.

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      Grats on your kill! 🙂


      Giving you an example of the same fight on heroic (i could give you a mythic parse later this week probably), i pin pointed some points where i could get more “total healing” with certain spells with less than half fight time with tips on how to improve those points


      This is our heroic kill yesterday, i got a nice 99% parse (124 of 16048).

      It’s my mythic’s team weekly heroic clear, we were coordinating our cooldowns (we’re least trying to most of the time, but did it well here) so we can get the full effect of stuff like Healing tide.


      your log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/qtWQTpMV4wy2hx3k#type=healing&fight=26&source=23

      my log: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/VFCtKWh64qGPQD1y#fight=6&type=healing&source=12

      general: we were running the same build pretty much (wind totem on me and graceful spirit on you)

      stats: i have more int/crit/haste/mastery you have more vers (i use 2x stat sticks, i prefer it that way they give flat boost over your random boost map trinket and the pretty weak cenarius trinket – which you never used during the fight)

      special mentions i have: 2 tier set, cos/arcway set (for crit boost), gnawed thumb ring (macroed with healing tide for 5% boost) => arc/cos set and gnawed ring are a personal preference of course


      The fight took 43% (2:42 vs 6:15) of your fight’s time, and here are some points you should try to improve on:

      We casted the same amount of chain heals, maybe you’re not doing it enough? (it’s also a great cloudburst feeder)

      your chain heals: 34 casts, 49.53m total,  1.46m  avg cast

      my chain heals: 34 casts, 55.81m total, 1.64m avg cast



      Probably overlaping cooldowns due to not syncing with your raid:

      your healing tide: 2 casts, 10m total, 5m avg cast

      my healing tide: 1 cast, 22m total, 22m avg cast


      underusing cloudburst / not comboing with other cds / not popping when raid is missing hp and waiting for auto burst (sometimes it’s fine as well, but sometimes manual can give better value), try to use your healing rain before casting cloudburst and using your gift of the queen during it. also ancestral guidance is a great feeding CD and can also multiple your burst if it’s up while you pop it. (healing tide doesn’t feed it)

      your cloudburst: 9.87m total (with the different lengths you could have casted more than twice what i casted)

      my cloudburst: 8.97m total


      Earth totem: (like you said you could have had at least 3 more casts, also try to time it for ticking dmg like DoTs or lots of fast damage instances, i managed to get 55% more value with 66% of the casts and the fight was less than half time)

      your earth totem: 3 casts, 5m total, 1.67m avg cast

      my earth totem: 2 casts, 7.75m total, 3.88m avg cast

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      Hi Shamdi, thank you for your post!

      Here is my heroic kill log for the same boss from today: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/pJXFPfDT4vj7xkQ6#fight=3&type=healing&source=21 i

      At 1st glance I think it looks mostly similar to your heroic kill except my Spirit Link accounted for more and you have waaay more healing from Chain Heal… I’ve got to spam that spell more for sure, haha. On Mythic we’re spending a large amount of time in the slow phase as well, so I wonder if that may be putting a bit of a damper on my spell usage and I don’t know if the log takes that into consideration. Not sure if we’re doing it similarly to other guilds at all, other kill videos seem to look different. It’s tricky to find a good time to use my Healing Tide early on this fight, since we’re nearly always split into 2 groups and we’ve got 2 Druids with 2 min cooldowns on their tranqs and they don’t hold back on using them as soon as the raid gets low (which is fair). I have Exorsus tracking their CDs though and my boss mod announces them too, so I guess I just need to stay sharp and look for good opportunities when neither of them can tranq, haha. I agree we need to be better at coordinating our cooldowns in general – usually they’re assigned in some way for Mythic fights, but not always and for this fight they weren’t assigned at all, so it was a bit of a free for all.

      For trinkets you are right – I should switch. I confess I only equipped the Cenarius one for the mastery – I only had 70% mastery at some point so I just equipped as many mastery items as I could find. Now I’ve had a few more pieces of loot so as of today I think I’m up to around 115% or so. I haven’t been lucky with tier pieces so far but hopefully this won’t hinder me too much. My guild plans on stopping heroic clears (at least when I can attend) next week so the only tier pieces I’ll ever see are Mythic ones unless I PuG. Hopefully it won’t be a big issue if I lack the 2pc/4pc for a while.

      Would you say the Gnawed Thumb ring is still worth using even if it’s low item level? Think mine is 865. I’ve ran so many Arcways but never seen a higher level one drop. Using it to boost HTT by 5% sounds like a pretty nice idea though..

      Definitely trying to improve my Cloudburst usage and feeding it with AG/GotQ. Until recently I didn’t use it much at all, but I ran with it through our heroic clear today (except for the 2nd last boss) and I’m getting more comfortable with it. I’ll keep it in mind next raid to cancel it early if I think the raid’ll be topped when it times out naturally.

      Agree that timing the Earth Shield totem is very important… I guess there’s trying to use it as often as possible vs. using it at the best times to get the most out of it. I know I should be trying to do both, ideally.

      So for next raid I’ll focus on just spamming Chain Heal a heck of a lot more (without going OOM preferably), optimising my Cloudburst usage and feeding it with AG/GotQ and timing/placing my Earth Shield totems correctly for incoming damage. Those’ll be my personal goals. Sorry for rambling, I tend to type my thoughts a bit, helps me to process the info. Thank you again, this has been very helpful!

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      Hey pine,

      Yeah do that, and you should improve 🙂


      Would you say the Gnawed Thumb ring is still worth using even if it’s low item level?

      I wish i knew the answer for that, i just love that item (and yeah i did over 80 m+ on arcway and couldn’t get anything better than my 875+socket. And currently i am using it over a 900 ilvl ring sitting in the bank (http://www.wowhead.com/item=137532/seal-of-saltheril&bonus=1826), the gnawed has BiS stats and i am a little high on haste atm, if my haste goes lower i can switch i guess. but i am going to farm a better version of that ring for sure (since i’m farming the arc/cos set all the time)


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