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      Hey guys! I don’t normally do this.. but I feel like I’m a bit off my game lately and I figured I’d ask you all for some feedback on my logs. We did a farm raid tonight and we’re currently 4/7M. I’m Neps (as you may have guessed from my username!).

      I haven’t really been aiming for a specific playstyle or build, admittedly. I’m a mixture of single target and AoE heals, depending on each encounter.

      Logs are here:


      Feel free to check all the bosses we killed. The Dragons of Nightmare boss was my first kill as I wasn’t around for progress and since it’s so healing intensive I switched some talents, opting for Bottomless Depths, Crashing Waves and Ascendance and trying to lean more on single target healing. I’m not sure if that was the correct way to go. I tend not to use Cloudburst in raids, but I may switch if it’s worth doing so.

      Anything you notice, feel free to point it out no matter how small. I don’t want to grow complacent so I’m looking to improve in any way I can. Don’t be afraid to tear my gameplay apart, I am open to all suggestions. 😀

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