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    Is there a recommended leveling zone sequence for Resto Shamans?  I chose Azsuna, but that was just random.

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    Hey Xander, apologies for my belated reply. Was kinda busy leveling :P.

    I don’t think it makes a difference. You have to do each zone regardless. Just do whatever zone you prefer :).

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    ^ this is entirely accurate except for one thing. If you take a break from levelling to do your class hall campaign stuff, you will want to do Azsuna before you hit that stage in the quest as the Campaign quests send you to a cave there that is shortly after the starting of the zone. If you want to wait until youre 110 to do it, thats fine too. I did it that way. it allowed me to just move from zone to zone without much trouble and the order does not matter.

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    I started with Azsuna first and then Val’sharah as I found these to be the shorter quest lines. I’ve chucked in a few dungeons and campaign quests and I’m now 108 with half of High Mountain to do and all of Stormheim. Much more fun leveling as a Resto Shaman than my Retri pally <3

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