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      I have access to beta but unfortunately I didn’t have time to level my shaman yet. I’m getting a little nervous about state of resto in Legion dungeons. I watch some streams, read twitter, some forums and I couldn’t find any useful information in this topic. Every time I see someone doing mythic+ on beta, they use priest or druid healer. I haven’t seen any shamans doing it. On twitter I see many people saying that druid, priest and monk are great healers for mythic+ but shaman is the worst. Can anyone share their experience in this topic with me? Is shaman really useless healer for mythic+ and we’re doomed to be left out? I’d love to hear something uplifting form fellow shamans.

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      Well, personally I have done everything except mythic +. I am walking around with a keystone still running for 2 days. So far nothing to worry about. But I guess I should head in and check it out. There have been a few guys saying how shaman seems to be the weakest healer, but none of the is actually playing a shaman. The shamans that have been playing, are optimistic so far. On top of that, the game isn’t balanced yet. It’s hard to judge now. Mechanically speaking, shamans have very good chances of being strong in mythic + as the different modifications each week can highlight different strenghts and weaknesses of each different healing spec.

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      Having healed a few on my Rsham, and confirmed by most of the people I’ve listened or talked to, people seem to rate shaman as one of the best overall healers right now, and in the foreseeable future. Our mastery is always going to be strong in content where there’s irregular damage you can’t plan super well for, we have some of the best sustained AoE with CH HR and gift of the queen is like a major cd in and of itself. Combined with our better than average mobility, and the fact that we can bring greater utility (still!) than most other healers makes us good candidates for M+. And we have more CD’s than any other healer which helps for when things get really dicey. Druids and Mistweavers also have strong shouts for M+, but we have them both beat for utility. Since M+ does have the time requirements poor mobility classes will suffer, and wind rush totem by itself is a great boost in the larger dungeons. We’re in good shape 🙂

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