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      So I was theory crafting in my head a little, after being able to play with the new skills for a while, I’m beginning to think that although it is mana intensive, less chain heal and more cloudburst totem+healing rain+Wellspring is (for encounters with at least -some- raid wide damage) the way to go, even if you have to cut it close with mana.

      However, it seems to me that these two Artifacts in particular change things quite a bit:



      Looking at all the artifact buffs combined for chain heal, and healing inside a healing rain it seems obvious that Wellspring won’t be able to compete with the stacked benefit of high tide Chain Heal and it might even be best to drop Ancestral Guidance for Deluge, and perhaps even Torrent (40% riptide initial heal) for Undulation (every third Healing Surge/Wave +50%) making this essentially a fixed rotation:

      5 casts of healing Surge/Wave, Riptide if up, Healing Rain, Cloudburst Totem, (5*20)100% buffed Chain Heal into the Healing Rain, Healing Surge with Tidal Wave and the +50% buff from undulation,… this seems a little broken, and way stronger than any other combination I can think of. Keeping track of the Healing Surge/Wave stacks for Undulation and Focuser of Jonat and being able to essentially pull off the entire combo in under 10seconds doesn’t really seem to much to ask, and it’s WAY more mana efficient then Wellspring, even if you mix in healing surges.

      This is of course a Raid healing thing, but it should be clear that wellspring isn’t exactly stronger on 5 people.

      Am I missing something? And how hard will it be to get those two artifacts?




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