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      I’m wondering what Legendary Combo I should be using for M+ and NH HC and NH Mythic. I don’t own 4 Piece, in Raid I even miss 2 Piece.

      I have the following Legendaries: Sephuz, Belt, Legs, Head and Boots.

      Right now I’m using Legs+Sephuz on Trash in M+ and Legs+Head for Bosses.
      In NH HC I’m using Legs+Head. Should I switch to Boots+Legs (Even tho the Fights don’t last as long)?

      What about starting NH Mythic first ~5 Bosses? Any specific setup or should I be running Boots+Legs because the fight last way longer than the 70Sec I get with Head.

      Thanks in advance

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      You choise looks good for M+ 🙂
      For NH HC, I personally, would use helm and boots. (Im a huge fan of Healing Rain)
      For NH Mythic:
      1st boss, Scorpion dude: I would use Helm and boots. Boots for the extra 10% healing, since almost all of the raid is going to be inside the raid and you can have it down 100% of the time.
      I’d use helm since it can carry your healing for the first brust phase and then use CDs for the 2nd set of blues. And it isnt that long of a fight.

      2. Time dude: Again boots, raid is stacked alot of the time, so good value there. Now for the 2nd leggo, legs could be good since there is alot of standing around, but if you lack healing to survive some later bursts i would go with the helm just to keep people topped and healing the raid up again after the first dmg phase (full set of healing absorbs going out there)

      3. Cake dude: Legs and boots i would say, since there is alot of standing around and just plonk rain on the melee and tanks.
      No real benefit of a longer lust here since there isnt really and healing to be done…

      4. Big dude (Krosus).
      Boots and helm. Helm to cover the first few big nukes and boots for general healing.

      5? donno who you do as 5th but.
      Botanist; Helm and boots.
      Spellblade: helm and boots. (legs over boots if you are taking the frost mark)
      Demon dude: Legs and boots.

      Reason wh I value the helm so much is that it can save the other healers a ton of mana (and makes you look good :D), becouse of the 25% increased healing done with Sence of Urgency.

      I know alot of people highl value the legs, since the healing goes to CBT and gives a metric ton of stats. But lust is just too gud.

      This was just my thoughts on the matter, so its just personal perferance 🙂 But hope it helps

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