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      So, i’ve read alot of different opinions on how the fastest way to level in legion will be. Without having a Group to spam dungeons. Some say enhance is faster, the idea is to save every ap and use it on the resto weapon later.

      Others say resto is fine. Im not looking for fine, im looking for the fastest/most optimal spec to level without sacrificing the Power of the resto weapon. Since i never got a beta-key im wondering what you that have leveled on the alpha Thinks about this?

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      A DPS spec is going to be faster, by design. The tradeoff would be the small amount of artifact power that you get as quest rewards applied directly to your current weapon instead of as a usable item.

      Dilemma is: faster to 110 and lose a small amount of AP, or slower to 110 and get every drop.

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      Do you Think the tradeoff will be Worth it?

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      It really depends on how much time matters to you. If you enjoy playing resto, you will be more than ok leveling as resto (especially if you go in with like 720+ gear). If you start early and keep going you will probably finish leveling in one or two days. If you must be done in half a day because omg need to be level 110 on Tuesday afternoon, you could consider leveling as dps or grouping up with others.

      Edit: to answer a bit more. Alpha leveling was a bit different since they released zone after zone. People would be 108 after two zones.

      Edit 2: Enjoy the leveling process. Only once will be the first time, and you’ll get to soak up all that the Broken Isles has to offer. Especially this expansion is all about exploration and discovery through multiple activites. Being resto works with that: you’ll heal dungeons etc. Be honest.. are you in a rush to hit 110 halfway on Tuesday or not. That should answer the need to deal with half-half specs while leveling.

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      I think this will be the first expansion I actually focus more on enjoying the leveling process versus getting to 110 as fast as possible. However, this is also the first expansion I am NOT planning on raiding on a fixed schedule since Burning Crusade and the purpose of rushing to cap was so I could begin obtaining pre-raid gear ASAP.

      Being over 30 kinda sucks btw.

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      I read a post by Gardiff on MMO-Champion that I think is intriguing.  Basically, he suggested that even though he is maining as Resto throughout the xpac, he is starting in enhance and putting 11-13 levels of artifact power into his enhance spec before beginning his resto spec.  His reasoning is that even though he will be a little behind in the resto artifact power at the start, the QoL will be vastly improved while doing quests and such at level 110 as enhance with a partially-filled artifact weapon.

      His quote, “I never felt weak starting off heroics as resto with a 0 point artifact. Once at 110, you’ll be surprised how rapid the gains come from some quests in suramar (which are not knowledge-based and so they just provide a large flat amount)…However, the bigger reason for me is not the leveling process. At 110, healers don’t scale as well as DPS. They are still behind on the leveling process, but its not as far apart. I can still burst 400-500k (and sustain 250-300k) on my enhance on certain quests while my resto shaman can’t reach 100k. Between things like the suramar scenario and just basic world quests, things at 110 will be very slow as resto. You may be able to rely on tagging, but with a 6 second flame shock CD, we are not really the best healing class to be tagging multiple mobs to get credit.”

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      TLDR: the reason why there is no clear answer, is because it does not matter that much.

      There is a mechanic in the game that allows you to gather Artifact Power quicker the further we are into Legion. As you unlock traits on your artifact, it also becomes more expensive to unlock the next trait. So basically, you end up spending and gaining artifact power faster over time.

      As the cost of a new artifact (be it on a different spec) are reset, you’ll be able to gain artifact power quickly on for example a resto or enha spec later on. So the real question is, WHEN does it matter? Because obviously all these people are concerned with something?

      These are my two copper:

      • Personally, I do not have the time nor the energy to bother leveling up a second artifact, even if it only takes 20 minutes a day for a few days to catch up. I have plenty of alts to worry about.
      • If you’ve never levelled as enhacement.. all of the specs are viable for leveling. One is just a bit faster than the other. So why bother playing another spec?
      • There will be a million people leveling, and a million mobs spawning. The chances of you actually having to kill a mob alone are pretty small.
      • Just play whatever you want to. If you don’t already know the answer to the question ‘what spec should I level with?’, it probably won’t matter for your progression path either.
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      Hi, new to this site – I’m really enjoying it so far!

      As for this question, I have a little different perspective.

      Keep in mind that at some point I will likely be asked to dual spec for my team, so early points spent in an artifact other than Resto won’t be a long term waste for me.But even absent that, I would likely plan to level as Enh and then switch to raising my Resto artifact after 13 points in my Enh weapon. Some of the reasons won’t apply to everyone though.

      • My wife is also a healer, so going +13 enh lets me dungeon with her as we get ready for raids.
      • It will also make me somewhat flexible in early heroic ED farming, as we probably won’t need every healer on our team to heal for those.
      • Finally, after some testing I do think it makes a big difference, not just during the 100 – 110 grind but more importantly in the farming of World Quests. Enh can put out pretty good AoE and has some nice DPS boosts on relatively short cool downs that help during that process. Plus, I get to leap across to enemies! For me at least, farming Suramar and World Quests became much less painful when I switched to Enh.
      • Also, the first 13 points in Enh don’t cost as much AP as the 14th point in any weapon, so you can think of it as I “nerfed” my Resto weapon by one point (and over time less than 1 point) by spending those first points in Enh. So for me it’s a low cost for a pretty big payoff.

      So yeah, those reasons won’t apply to everyone so YMMV. 🙂

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      Hi everyone, I’m also new to this site, the shaman in general, but I played a fair bit of wow.


      From Beta it is my understand that you can get your second artifact weapon at level 102, fairly early into leveling.

      If this is true for the release version as well, the only real question is if you would save a lot of time by leveling to 102 with a damage spec, since you would always be able to swap out the artifact to put points into your resto artifact after 102, even non-token AP gained by quests.

      So my thinking is: at what point am I going to level faster with my resto artifact if I put every point into it, compared to the offspec DPS artifact that gets totally neglected?

      I noticed that the DPS on the resto spec really wasn’t half bad on the usually one-by-one single Target grind. If you start pulling groups however, that is a different story.

      I think I’m personally going to level with an offspec enhancement artifact until I get to the point where my resto artifact outperforms, since I really enjoy the enhancement gameplay.

      Plus continuing on drayvek’s thought: I really want a decent DPS offspec for grindy/farmy content in Legion anyway, so it’s not like the AP is being “wasted” during the level process. This makes me wonder if it could even be worth it not putting anything into resto at all during leveling, and just grinding the AP for resto with my offspec after reaching 110 with Enh… so many questions. But yeah… I think “having fun” is something to not lose track of, because let’s be honest, aren’t we all more “efficient” when doing something we enjoy?


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        Just level in DPS offspec. If you really want to “main” your resto, just keep all AP upgrades and use them on resto artifact (available after 102). The amount of AP gained through leveling looks not really significant compared to 110 lvl activities to me mostly because the cost of traits increase exponential. 14th trait costs as much as first 13 total, as example.

        Also as i read in article at healiocentric leveling as resto is not much slower then leveling as ele mostly because you spend much less time restoring between pulls.


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          Thank you for clearing that up. 🙂

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