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      Hi. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’m part of a small guild who don’t really have enough ppl on each week to raid HFC. We only clear reliably up to soc each week (normal).

      Anyhoo, a friend who runs pug groups invited me to come heal for soc on heroic. No issues really as I know the fight well.
      But then we moved onto tyrant. Only the second time I’ve done this boss ever (like I said, my guild have only cleared to soc).
      My heals were 40k hps (average over whole fight) but then I had ppl pming me and giving me advice but telling me that my heals are too low. One person also pm’d me this website – XD
      I appreciate the tips actually as I’m the kind of person who wants to improve and be the best but I simply have nothing to measure myself with as I generally find myself topping heals in LFRs and premades looking for heals (N HFC).

      So my questions are:
      – what should my HPS be with ilvl 699?
      – how do i increase my HPS?
      – what stats are most important at this ilvl and when preparing to raid HFC on normal and heroic?
      – what should my spirit be? [i was told to spam chain heals and i do but i do go oom…]

      I will also be watching more fatboss vids to get more familiar with fights but I find LFRs are pretty useless for educating on boss fights as they are so different than in a premade.

      Thanks for your feedback! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Really appreciate it!

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      First of all, welcome on :).

      I glanced at your (Phioria-Dreadmaul US): seems like you could gain something from improving your stat priority (enchants). For more information, check our stats page (under build). You’ll find that we gain way more from Mastery currently, and you should definitely try to prioritize that instead of crit (change your enchants).

      In terms of spirit, in WoD healers only gain spirit from a few items: neck, cloak, rings and trinkets. Currently, you are missing spirit on your neck and one of your trinkets. Not only that, you’re missing one of the important trinkets that allows us to cast more generously: the Demonic Phylactery. Try to get your hands on some spirit items (and check out our trinkets post!). Currently, you can’t have too much spirit. Don’t worry about a cap, you can use every bit of it.

      When it comes to logs, I’ve found some recent ones on Aksmrrobot:
      And one log on Warcraftlogs:

      These logs will help us look into your playstyle. We can definitely recommend to start logging your gameplay (with preferably Warcraftlogs since we’re most familiar with that) if you are interested in detailed feedback.

      Take some time to browse around our site, I think you will find a lot of insights you are looking for. With the logs linked above, I’ll ask the others to see what they can come up with to help you :).

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      Thanks so much for getting back to me so promptly. I have had a busy afternoon and have now changed my enchants to reflect a much stronger emphasis on mastery.
      I then signed up for several LFRs and was able to consistently average 50k HPS on boss fights (although I noticed this did vary depending on whether there was a disc priest in the raid)

      I did find however that I went oom on a few occasions. Mastery was sitting at around 110% so I’ve tried to replace some of my pieces with more spirit which has helped push me to 1800 spirit which seems more comfortable. Mastery is sitting a little lower now at 103% but that doesn’t seem too bad.

      I will definitely try and log some game time in HFC for ppl to feed back on. And will definitely try and hunt down that trinket!

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      Hey there, since i cant find any recent logs i cant tell if you are doing anything wrong but i can give you some general tips.
      After looking at your armory i noticed your gear is actually well optimized for your ilvl. Amount of mastery and spirit is really good, you should get set items as soon as you can they will provide decent boost to healing,get Demonic Phylactery and pair it up with Flickering Felspark and get legendary ring as soon as you can.
      From what you said here i imagine you are going oom cuz you are trying to spam only chain heal which is wrong. You have to spread your riptides around raid by using it on CD to provide maximum amount of chain heal bounces with high tide, also cast Elemental Blast on CD, amound of spirit you are missing if you are not using it is huge. Healing stream totem should be using almost on cd as well ( its ok to delay it if there is not much going on at that point but generally you want to use it as much as you can ).
      Hope this will help you for now, but if you could provide Warcraft Logs in future i can tell you exactly what you are doing wrong and what you should be working on to improve yourself as healer.
      Edit: i just noticed you are using glyph of Water Shield, you should remove that as soon as you can its not good at all. Instead get Glyph of Spiritwalker`s Focus and use it when you have to move to reduce downtime on your healing.

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      Don’t let LFR dictate how you feel about your healing. There is no damage taken, so you won’t have anything to heal to begin with. I know there’s some digging going on in your logs currently. So you can expect more from that in a bit :).

      Edit: aaand there was Halu’s post ๐Ÿ˜›

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      Okay looking at your logs, not that there is a lot to go through, but there still are a few things that comes to mind.

      First of all you need to keep a better uptime on Riptide, Healing Stream Totem and Elemental Blast. I see Elemental Blast not even being cast, that is a lot of potential spirit/mana that you are losing out on. Just by pressing this spell once in a while, you will have massive mana gains. Riptide and Healing Stream Totem should just be used on cooldown, or as close to as possible, Riptide because you want as many rolling as possible to aid in maximizing Chain Heal jumps (paired with High Tide), Healing Stream Totem simply because it is insanely strong.

      You can do something to help make it easier to use Elemental Blast, you can set the boss as focus before pull and make a focus macro for Elemental Blast, then you don’t have to actively target the boss when casting it:

      #showtooltip Elemental Blast
      /cast [@focus] Elemental Blast

      With lower spirit levels spamming Chain Heal is simply not an option, you have to weave your spells with more thought. And this is where optimizing your small cooldowns come into place, because Riptide and Healing Stream are both cheap strong heals.

      Looking at Socrethar I saw something, when the fight ended you were close to 100% mana. This is something that should almost never happen as a healer, you should always strive to be completely ‘dry’ when the boss dies. It is somewhat of a fine balance to find, but it will happen with experience. At least on that fight you could’ve been a lot more aggressive with Chain Heal, and it could potentially have done more for your healing. You should just try to make it a habit to evaluate each try, see if there are places where you can afford to pump out a bit more healing at the cost of mana.

      You also only had a single cast of Spiritwalker’s Grace, in my opinion that is something that could be improved, from my experience at least there are more than a single situation where movement is required. You might just as well use it to get as much active time as possible. Could also mention Unleash Life here, this is a spell that you usually only want to cast when you have to move, otherwise it is a direct hps loss simply because it is so weak compared to all other options.

      I just looked at your armory and saw that you were running with Glyph of Water Shield. There is really no need for this, it is rarely procced often enough to make up for the passive mana you lose by taking the glyph.

      Can probably do a better job with more logs to go from ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Thanks Keehn for the advice.

      I’ve created a warcraft logs account and will start uploading data soon.
      Any logs on there are probably well out of date – I didn’t have elemental blast at the time and I was still geared for crit/mastery.
      I’ve never had an issue with mana and generally stay full mana for most boss fights.
      That certainly isn’t the case anymore now that I have picked up different talents, with new stats.
      This will change my play style a bit so please bare with me as I re-learn this new set up but hopefully with some practice, my heals should improve significantly.
      First run of HFC normal tonight with the guildies with the new set up – fingers crossed I can finally start competing with the pally and priest healers in my guild. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Spirit is up to 1800 now which is good. I’ll keep downing soc each week in the hopes that I get the demonic phylactery (or cross my fingers that I get it in a chest naval reward or from a timewalker weekend) Thanks!!!


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      Keep us posted on your progress! We’d love to see logs as you learn and adjust. I don’t think trinkets still drop from caches (only in HM and BRF as far as I know). We’re crossing fingers you’ll be lucky with demonic phylactery soon.

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      Trinkets does in fact drop, I’ve gotten Xhul’horac trinket several times and have vendored/DE’d every single one!! ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Oh my… all of a sudden I’m REALLY excited to open my chest in an hour.

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      Well…funnily enough I have the worst luck with gear… Let’s just say when 3 tier chests dropped off H soc last week, I was the 1 out of the 4 who didn’t get it. ๐Ÿ™
      All I got from my timewalkers chest was a felspark trinket…which I already had…

      We did soc, downed him in one go. Wasn’t very happy with my heals. On my old set up, I could get up to 42k hps averaged over the whole fight. Today I only averaged 35k hps.

      The guild failed on iskar…many many times. Due to mechanics (not many of them have done iskar before). Found it hard to use elemental blast regularly and also to keep health stream totem up. I was having some trouble getting into the groove of my new arrangement but it is slowly improving with practice. I did 6 timewalkers in a row (1 stupidly bugged and didn’t count) and by the end I was getting a better rhythm on keeping elemental blast up whenever possible and keeping the totem up. Hard to tell how much hps in the timewalker cos of the scaling but I think I did a decent amount. Felt easy and I didn’t go oom which is the main thing.

      I’d upload my logs for ppl to see but don’t know how. I joined up on warcraft and everything but can’t find the folder to upload.

      Probably should also mention I’m a bit of a computer noob…lol

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      Perhaps this video that Preach made a while back can be of use?

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