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      Ok so I’m on my phone right now. So I can’t exactly link logs but I just wanted to ask these questions on this site cuz I keep hearing about it.

      backround info, I use Velens and talent ring, I pretty much have all leggos besides BL helm, I use the standard raid talents, the boosted chain heal, better riptide, AG, shield totem, the only talent I ever really change is spirit walker and gust of wind. I try and stay above 100% mastery and the rest goes into crit.

      For one, the beginning on the fight, should I be casting AG at the start of fight. Like when I’m running in. One thing I do and I’m not sure if it’s a good idea is pop Velens and AG at the start of fight, I pretty much use those on CD. Not sure if that’s good to do. I also use shield totem on CD too.

      I try and always have healing rain down, and a healing totem down at all times too. Pop riptide as much as humanly possible. And healing surge right after ward. And spam chain heal.

      On progression fights in TOS I usually did about 700k at end of fight. But I see people doing like 500k more then me in there logs. Any tips would be helpful.

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